2019 Holiday Gift Guide :: Easy & Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers

Happy Monday!

What a weekend. First off, it was not long enough. I had such a lazy Saturday and it was wonderful and much needed. Normally I roll myself from the bed to the couch, thrilling I know, and try to get my day started. But, I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately. Not because of blogging, but because of work and life and just needed to slow things down so I stayed in bed until 1, had lunch with my family then spent the day working on my blog and watching Disney Plus.

On Sunday, my mom and I woke up at 5am to take some Holiday photos. We went to the Palace hotel, the Plaza hotel & Central Park. It was very cold and a lot of walking, but I don’t go to midtown often anymore so it was nice being up there for the morning. Afterwards we got some bagels and headed home to warm up. This weekend was a nice balance of relaxing and working, but I still wish I had just one more day!!

Today, we’re continuing with the Holiday content and sharing another gift guide. I think shopping for coworkers is always such a struggle because you don’t know what to get, if you should get them something and you definitely don’t want to break the bank, so today I’m sharing a few ideas on easy & inexpensive gifts for coworkers or really anyone that’s not family, but you still want to spread some Holiday cheer. Also, I made a promise that I would share gift guides with things I’ve used and trusted so just wanted to add that I’ve used these ideas for my gifts in the past and also received some of these gifts myself!

Outfit Details

Leopard Sweater: J.Crew. Black Sweater: Ann Taylor (old, love this black sweater). Jeans: Levi’s (tailored at the Levi’s store in NYC!). Bag: Coach (I actually gave this bag as a gift to my mom for her birthday, but it’s so great and I love to borrow it!). Shoes: Madewell (old, love these). Sunnies: Gentle Monster.

Desk Accessories & Office Supplies

When in doubt, get them something you know they will for sure use. Most of the times, the office supplies provided at work are so drab and I know it’s just a notebook, but I think cute and fun accessories really help to brighten the mood and definitely help to brighten someone’s desk. Plus if you are buying for multiple people you can buy a pack of items – like a pack of pens or notebooks and just break up the pack to create gift sets for everyone on your list.

A few items I love and/or own:

This pack of erasable pens, everyone at Gap goes crazy over these pens!

This marble pen holder that comes in different colors. I have the pink for my desk.

The most darling pack of file folders.

This pencil holder & phone holder that happens to be a cute elephant.

The perfect pack of notebooks for those Monday meetings.

A Snack Kit!

Can you really go wrong with snacks? How often does the clock strike 3pm and everyone starts looking around for snacks and desperately searching through their drawers like it will magically appear? Plus the great thing about a snack kit is you can buy things in bulk and just separate them amongst everyone on your list. I’ve seen a few fun ideas on Pinterest, including putting snacks in a mason jar, reusable tumblr or those little plastic Popcorn buckets you can buy at the drug store. Honestly, hit up Target, find an inexpensive basket, bucket, jar whatever and just fill it up with some candy for those 3pm snack emergencies.

Homemade Treats

Listen, I’m not Betty Crocker, but if you enjoy to bake and can bake, I think it’s a nice treat for your coworkers and so thoughtful. My best friend Anna does this every year and I’m always amazed at how much effort she puts into this and it is really such a nice treat to get a bag of homemade cookies. Since we worked at Victoria’s Secret, last year she frosted the cookies to look like they were wearing bras and panties and they were so cute!

A Reusable Water Cup

How often do we wish we drank more water or had a cute water cup to encourage us to drink more water? Gap is all about sustainability and everyone has a reusable bottle of some kind that they carry with them throughout the day. The office culture was actually what inspired me to pick up my own Hydro Flask. But, Amazon, Target & even Starbucks have some really cute reusable cups you can pick up as gifts to encourage your coworkers to drink more water. Plus, you can also throw some candy into the empty cup when you first give it to them for an added treat or a small Starbucks gift card!

Phone Charger

I actually think this is such a great gift for a coworker since how many people carry a charger on them? And even then, it’s probably one person in the office and everyone always fighting or asking to borrow it. You can pick up those fabric chargers with the braided cord and it can be their desk charger. While small, it’s such a practical and useful gift and something we don’t think of often and I can guarantee it will be a hit.

Lottery Scratchers

And if all else fails, pick up some lottery scratchers. I LOVE these things and think they are so exciting! One year my team did a white elephant gift exchange and one of the gifts was a ton of lottery scratchers and everyone wanted it. They are inexpensive and so fun.

Thank you so much for stopping by & reading! I hope you found today’s post helpful. I always struggle with what to get coworkers or groups of people that aren’t family so I thought I would share some of my ideas.

Have a great week! 



  1. Dana Mannarino
    December 9, 2019 / 2:48 PM

    These are actually such thoughtful gifts. I LOVE the idea of a snack bag because, DUHHHHHHHHH!

    Dana | The Champagne Edit 

  2. Jenn
    December 9, 2019 / 4:16 PM

    Love all these ideas especially the elephant holder!

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