Stripes In Bến Ninh Kiều :: Vietnam

Writers block. I’m having writers block. Do people write about having writers block? I feel like people just talk about it. But, I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for an hour not having a clue what to talk about it. I couldn’t even tell you what I did last week or what I have ahead of me for this week.

So there’s that… let’s talk about outfit details.

This shirt was an impulse buy that I purchased a week before my trip. I was ordering things left and right, throwing fits, having panic attacks, you know the usual trip prep routine. I had originally planned to wear it for travel, but since it was somewhat cropped in the front, I found it to be more flattering on me with shorts. Since I’m obsessed with stripes, I figured this would be just another striped shirt to add to the collection. But, when I threw this shirt on, I realized it’s actually different than anything I own and fell in love. Everything about this shirt is super flattering on, from the quarter length sleeves, the boat neck neckline and the way it gathers and drapes in the back. So perfect for everyday and super casual.

Also, these shorts are a bit of a splurge, but I think good white shorts are so hard to find, so for me they were totally worth it. It’s a boyfriend fit so they’re longer and looser, just the way I like my shorts to be! While I was in Vietnam, we frequently visited Bến Ninh Kiều because it was so beautiful. It’s definitely a big touristy area, but it made me so happy. It’s right by the water and so many tourists as well as locals hit up the area to just walk and hang out so I loved hopping on the moped and visiting with my family. Plus there were a ton of cafes, hotels, and shopping in the area so it really threw you into the culture and it was a people-watchers dream!

Outfit Details

Shirt :: Shorts :: Bag :: Shoes :: Hat :: Sunnies

Thank you for reading! Hopefully the writers block is gone by Wednesday’s post, but with me, you never know!


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