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It’s the best day of the week, Happy Friday!Ok, so maybe high heeled blue shoes aren’t the most practical for shopping, especially around the holidays, but they do make for a nice pop of color and glam to an all black look! Plus, if you’ve ever shopped at the super fancy places (you know, the ones you go into just to look cause no way can you afford anything) like Bergdorf’s & Barney’s then you for sure have seen those fabulous women dressed to the nines in high heels and shopping to their hearts desires.

I came to a realization the other day, well two realizations actually. As I was commuting to work and battling my way out of the subway station, I looked around and realized everyone around me was decked out in head to toe black. You know the joke/stereotype of New Yorkers always wearing black? Well, it’s true. We live up to it. I’ve also realized that since finding my staple red lip color (obsessed with this one, I’m not lying when I say it stays on all day and doesn’t move) I’ve been really into wearing all black.

Anyways, it got me thinking of the perfect OOTD for holiday shopping. Long story short, if you wanna dress like a pro New Yorker, wear all black. Wam, bam, done. But, to elaborate more, you simply can’t go wrong with this monochromatic look. If you’re like me, you ALWAYS find something you love while shopping for others, whether it be a bag or a scarf or a hat, it’s great to wear all black because you can try something on easily and not have your outfit get in the way. And let’s be honest, holiday shopping is like the hunger games of the year so when I’m elbowing my way to get the last pair of black leather gloves at Macy’s I wanna be comfortable.

This sweater is honestly so soft and comfy and I wear it at least once a week. I really like the open back and the shirt underneath detail. It just adds such a fun and interesting touch. My coworkers even went as far to call it my “mullet sweater.” 😂

Hope you have a great weekend everyone!

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