A Touch Of Lace

After a week of slipping and sliding in the snow, the weekend is finally here! Maybe I’m doing something wrong because everyone else is walking through the snow like nothing. Meanwhile I have on snow boots… SNOW BOOTS, and I can barely stay up right. Can you believe we’re going to ring in the first day of spring with all this snow and slush on the ground?!

Now, moving on to more positive things and warmer weather.

As I was planning for my trip, I knew I needed a black dress for a family function. I’m sure I have just as many go-to LBD’s in my closet as the next gal, but I didn’t want to wear such a basic dress in such a beautiful location. I almost purchased my favorite Asos OTS dress for $25 in black, but kept hesitating. Yes, I love the dress, but I wanted something a little more classic since it was a family function and it was just too simple. Which don’t get me wrong, is never a bad thing in my book, but I just wanted something more.

So when I saw this dress by one of my go-to brands, I knew it was made for me. Black? Check! Interesting detail so it’s not a basic LBD? Check! I can’t go over how pretty the embroidered panels are and I love that some of the panels are see through. But, what I really loved were the lace trim on the sleeves. It’s such a small and simple touch, but I really feel like how it transforms the whole dress. It really is all in the detail because this would have been a such a simple little black dress, but it’s much more interesting with all of the embroidery and lace.

Outfit Details

Dress :: Sandals :: Bag :: Earrings: Oscar De La Renta (similar) :: Sunnies: Marsquest c/o



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