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Happy Monday!

I have a four day work week this week since I took Friday off to spend Lunar New Year with my mom, so I’m excited for the shortened week ahead.

We’re staying strong with the Valentine’s Day content!

We’ve talked about traditional V-Day, Galentine’s Day and today we are focusing on Me Day! A day to celebrate yourself and to treat yourself. So I wanted to share the best beauty products to treat yourself with on a night in. And if you’re not a fan of V-Day and even not a fan of Galentine’s Day, I’m hoping you can get behind Me Day because who doesn’t want an excuse to pamper themselves.

Products To Pamper Yourself by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Valentine’s Makeup Products || Products To Pamper Yourself


A recent find & my current obsession.

I had seen this a few times in Sephora and wanted to pick it up merely because I loved the packaging. But since I didn’t deem it a necessity and because #budget, I didn’t pick it up. But, then I was complaining to my friend at work that this winter has been brutal and my lips and whole body were so dry. She then told me that she had been using the Laneige sleeping mask and that it’s wonderful so I decided to give it a try.

First, it smells amazing that I want to eat it. It’s not sticky at all, it feels just like a thicker vaseline. I apply a generous coat at night and wake up with my lips feeling so smooth and not cracked at all. It’s honestly a miracle product and I’ve been using it every night.


Another product that smells so good I wanted to eat it.

Just like the name suggests, it smells like watermelon, is pink and I not only put it on my face, but I want to put it all over my body. There are actually two ways to use this product. You can apply heavily as a mask and then rinse off. Or the way that I use it is you apply a generous amount, rub it in and then let it soak into your skin at night while you sleep. You wake up with the smoothest skin.

I always get so excited to use these sleeping products that the first thing I do when I wake up, is touch my skin to see how it feels and I’m always shocked. I’ve been using this every night since getting it.


This is a limited edition, pink version of my favorite charcoal mask from Boscia.

The original is a black version and it basically is a peel off charcoal mask that helps to purify and give you luminizing skin. And then they came out with a limited edition version that is pretty much the same, just pink. Who doesn’t want to have a spa night and paint your face pink?? I really do think it is effective and it’s one of my favorite mask since I love peel off masks.

I will say, not that peeling this off is painful, but if you’re really sensitive and can’t take any kind of peeling feeling on your skin, you won’t like this. I’ve seen in reviews that people say it hurt them peeling this off. It personally didn’t hurt me, but I think it’s all about preference. And I’ve also washed off areas that I couldn’t peel off so if you still wanted to try this, you can always just rinse it off.


I am a nail polish hoarder. I seriously have at least 100 bottles and I still always want to buy more when I seem them in stores.

Essie is probably my favorite nail polish brand and I naturally gravitate towards them. Last year I tried their gel couture collection and oh my gosh, I was blown away. I swear, between the color and the top coat, it stayed on perfectly for a good two weeks.

I know I’m probably in the minority when I say this, but I prefer to give myself a manicure rather than get one. I just find that you pay good money and then it chips or you get tired of the color. So I prefer to just do it myself. And it’s a great way to pamper yourself. Most Sundays when I’m relaxing and trying to unwind before the week ahead, I’ll play music and paint my nails.


This is a crazy splurge item, but it’s so amazing so I wanted to share.

This oil has is multipurpose so if you do decide to shell out the money you will get your moneys worth. You can add a few drops to your nails before painting them to strengthen them and keep them healthy. I think a lot of us are guilty of constantly painting our nails and not letting them breath, which is bad but we do it anyway so this totally helps.

You can also use it on your face to help with dry skin or as an anti aging step in your routine. I personally don’t have dry skin, I have oily skin and I still like this and feel like it balances my skin. I also use it as a spot treatment for dry spots and it’s so helpful. A total splurge item for sure, but it has a a lot of different purposes that you can explore so I think its worth it.


My favorite clay mask.

This one is so effective and probably my favorite product from Caudalie. It’s a pink clay mask that dries on your skin after about 30 minutes and you can see it working as it’s drying because you can really see the problem areas. When you rinse it off, your face is so smooth and I like to just finish off with my favorite nighttime skincare products.

And I find that when I wake up the next day, the blemish I was concerned about is gone. I’ve used this about four times each time I see a blemish or feel a blemish coming on or if I feel like my skin is looking a little too dull and the next day after applying this, my skin looks so much better. And again, it applies pink so it’s perfect for Me Day!

I hope you guys enjoyed this pamper yourself post and found some products that you can pamper yourself with. Or pamper your friends with, in a fun girls night in spa night!

Thank you so much for reading and hope you all have a great week ahead! 


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