An Embroidered Dress & The Perfect Scenery

I just can’t get over how beautiful the scenery is in Vietnam.

If you live in a big city, like New York for example, you probably know it’s pretty annoying to have tourist everywhere just looking up and around and standing in your way. That’s harsh I know and I get it, they’re just taking it all in, but when you have places to be it’s a little annoying. With that being said, I was the annoying tourist in Vietnam. I seriously couldn’t stop looking up, down, around and everywhere because there was always something new to be seen. We took these photos at a gorgeous Buddhist temple that was literally located right behind my uncle’s house.

It was just crazy to me how many amazing spots and gorgeous scenery there were in the most random places. The fact that behind a row of normal houses, was this gorgeous temple just blew my mind. I’m happy I wore this dress since it blended in with my backdrop perfectly. The color and embroidery are so pretty and I kind of love that it’s a bit oversized, loose and flowy because boy was it hot. Please note, that I was so hot that I forgot to roll down the sleeves for a majority of these shots so they look a little funny, but I promise it’s a pretty dress!!

I also can’t believe that we’re at the last week of Vietnam photos. It’s sad to see it all come to an end, but you can expect new content shot in NYC starting next week!

The Week Ahead

I’m heading to Columbus, Ohio today! I was supposed to visit last month, but had to cancel because of a snowstorm. It’ll be a super quick business trip and I’ll be back home tomorrow night, but I’m super excited. The Victoria’s Secret main campus is there so I’ll be touring the grounds, meeting people and learning more about the company. I checked the weather and it looks beautiful in contrast to the cold and rainy weather New York is supposed to have. So I’m excited to wear my new spring things! Ugh, I swear I’m ready for spring, but spring isn’t ready for me.

I also have an event with my favorite Pink Champagne Problem, Dana on Thursday… I think… Dana, can you confirm?? And I’m trying to have dinner with some friends on Friday night so we’ll see. If you know me, you know I’m a major homebody so actually having plans for the week is big for me haha!

Outfit Details

Dress :: Shoes :: Bag :: Sunnies

 Anyways, thank you so much for reading everyone!



  1. Dana Mannarino
    April 24, 2017 / 4:52 PM


    Also, this is my favorite post from your trip, love the location!

    Pink Champagne Problems

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