My Favorite Holiday Traditions

Happy Monday! And Happy December!

As a December baby, I couldn’t be more thrilled that my favorite month is here & that it’s Sagittarius season. So in honor of all that, I wanted to share a few casual iPhone snapshots from this weekend & a few of my favorite Holiday traditions.

Eddie doing all of the work.

My favorite ornament this year from Shop Disney! 

Eddie doing all of the work again. Hey, someone has to supervise! 

The best candle that Bath & Body Works sells. 

Putting Up The Tree Party! 

And by party, I mean Eddie doing most of the work, me trying to get out of the work, my mom sitting on the couch wanting no part in this and telling us we should have thrown the tree out years ago and Kenny sleeping. Tis’ the season!

We always put the tree up after Thanksgiving, but this year Eddie was busy at work so we weren’t able to put it up until yesterday. But, it actually worked out perfectly because it was the first day of December, plus it was snowing outside and by snowing, I mean an interesting mix of ice and rain. It wasn’t the perfect white snow in movies, but I appreciated the slushy mess that really added to the Holiday feeling.

Every year when we put up the tree, we play The Grinch on t.v, drink hot chocolate and burn a Fresh Balsam candle. And although it’s simple and although my little tree may not be as amazing and photogenic as the ones on Instagram, I love it and it just makes me so happy and puts me in the Holiday mood.

Christmas Movies Play ALL THE TIME

I’m a December baby and Christmas cheer just runs through my blood!! And because of that, once Thanksgiving is over, Christmas movies are on all the time in my house. The Hallmark channel is on 24/7 and I’m at the point where I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all the Christmas movies already. If that’s not on, I’m watching Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. I have to admit those old school cartoons that people find creepy, I actually love them!!

On the weekends, Eddie and I watch all the random Christmas netflix movies and let me tell you, some of them are truly awful, but I love them anyways. And with the addition of Disney plus this year, I’ve been making my way through those movies. I’ve already watched a Home Alone marathon and I started a Santa Clause one last night. Plus my favorite Holiday movies that I have to watch at least once every year are The Grinch, Elf and Eloise at Christmastime.

Family Photo Shoot

Content, Baby, Content! Does anyone listen to the Pretty Basic podcast and get that reference?

Anyways I always pick one weekend and torture my family with a mandatory photoshoot by the tree. I make everyone put on festive pjs (actually this year Eddie & I got matching pjs and believe it or not, it was totally his idea!), I get holiday Frappuccinos from Starbucks – my fave is the creme brûlée and we take random photos by the tree.

It’s some of my favorite memories because I’m always bossy when something is not quite right, my mother always yells at Eddie just because, Kenny wants no part of this, Eddie just wants to eat snacks and it’s truly a mess, but it just makes me so happy to be spending time with my family and just laughing and having fun.

Photos at the Palace

Okay, I haven’t done this one for the past two years, but it used to be my favorite tradition and something I want to try and do again this year. Every year on or near my birthday, my family and I take pictures at the Lotte New York Palace. I typically take blog photos and then we take some family photos. I just have some really good memories from going in the past plus seeing the tree always gets me in the festive mood.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! 

I hope you’re already in the Holiday spirit. Have a great week ahead! 



  1. December 2, 2019 / 3:06 PM

    such an adorable blog post, putting up the tree is my favorite tradition

  2. December 6, 2019 / 5:59 PM

    Luv it all. The tree and the best part watching christmas movies. My favorite a miracle on 34th street. Great tradition. Luv it.

  3. October 5, 2021 / 2:06 AM

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is Christmas

  4. February 4, 2022 / 5:05 AM

    So in honor of all that, I wanted to share a few casual iPhone snapshots from this weekend & a few of my favorite Holiday traditions.

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