How I Learned To Do My Own Makeup

Happy Friday!

It’s been a tough week for me at work honestly. I spent most of the week coming in at 8 and leaving after 6 so I’m pretty exhausted. We’re two weeks into 2018 and already this week is going down in the books as one of the roughest of the year.

The number one thing I like to do on a Friday night, especially after a stressful week, is fall down a YouTube hole and either catch up with my favorite YouTubers or discover new people and new videos. I know. I’m clearly a boat load of fun for being in my 20s, but we all know I’m a solid 82 at heart.

But, that’s what inspired this post today. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about makeup and skincare through these videos and these days makeup is one of my biggest passions. So I wanted to talk about how I learned to do my own makeup and share a few of my favorite everyday makeup essentials.

I hope that this post will inspire you to be more confident and give more beauty products a try especialy if you have an interest in makeup, but are intimidted. Because I definitely remember looking at makeup tutorials and thinking “yeah, no way, I can’t do that.”


I’ve been watching beauty videos before YouTube was even a thing. I remember being in middle school and finding a whole world of beauty and fashion videos online and being fascinated. And as someone who was incredibly awkward and already a homebody, it was like heaven to me. Shout out if you too remember when Michelle Phan, JuicyStar07 and AllThatGlitters21 were the queens of YouTube.

I’m truly a visual person and it’s the fastest way I learn. Like, if I’m assembling a piece of furniture from Target, instead of trying to make sense of the instructions, I’m trying to figure it out from the photos.

Nowadays, there is a video for everything. My favorite artist is Jaclyn Hill (which I’m sure you can tell by seeing her pallette!) and she has a great video on baking and contouring where she walks you through step by step and explains why people bake and how to contour for your features.

In addition to the in depth tutorials, there are also some really good videos out there that just show the application process which is great as well.

Personally, I used to always watch the in depth instruction ones, but as I got more comfortable, I liked just seeing an upclose of the tutorial and seeing the products and techniques used. But, I still like an in depth walk through every now and then for those really bold looks. But, honestly, there are so many different people sharing their love of makeup online, you’re bound to find someone you click with.


It’s okay to make mistakes!

I once convinced myself that my foundation shade was too light and so I insisted I should be wearing the shade my mom wore. I walked out of the house with my face being a different color than my body. I also once did a bold cranberry eye look and then put on a cranberry shade of blush and lipstick. I thought I looked great, until I realized I overdid the blush and made a bad call on the lipstick and looked like a geisha. And I’ve also failed to blend my foundation to perfection, resulting in a clear patch of product right between my eyebrows. That was a fun day.

The point is, that’s how you learn, by making mistakes so be open to them and just try it out.

On weekends where I stayed home and didn’t have much to do, I would try all these different looks just because I thought , “Hey, I’m not going outside, no one is gonna judge me.” And last summer, I went to the mall like every single weekend (#FreeAirConditioning) and would use those trips to try out different looks.

So slap that blue eyshadow all across your eye, wear that bright red lipstick and use that contour shade you’re scared of because you never know, you may like it and make it your signature look.


I love eyeshadow. It’s my number one weakness when it comes to makeup because I want all the palettes.

But, I used to be afraid of color and anything that wasn’t a basic brown and champagne. When applying eyeshadow,it’s all about creating a shape and following the natural contours of your eye. I struggle with this because I’m so timid and my natural instinct is to apply color only on the lid. When we all know, there are stages, you have your crease, your outer corner, your inner corner, etc.

What’s helped me step out of my comfort zone and explore more with colors and looks is the good ole tape trick.

I’m sure you can find a video or an image on it or even already know what I’m talking about, but you basically take two pieces of tape and place it by your eye so when you apply eyeshadow it creates the shape for you. And it acts as a barrier so you don’t take the color too far out and go for an editorial look when really you’re just trying to go to brunch.


I think the most important thing to remember is that there are no rules when it comes to makeup. You should do whatever works for you, what you think looks best on you and what you feel comfortable with.

Watching all these tutorials on YouTube & on Instagram, most of the girls pack on the makeup. Four pumps of foundation, half a bottle of concealer and a heavy coat of bronzer. But, I think it’s important to note that they are shooting under bright studio lights and they’re also not on their way to a typical 9-5. So don’t feel pressured to use as much or follow them exactly. I like to see what techniques they use and products and tools and then adjust it to my life and my comfort level from there.

I’ve definitely been more open to trying new things once I realized I could make these tips and looks my own.

Are you inspired yet? Have you opened a new tab to see what videos you could find? I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It was fun for me to write since I love talking about makeup so you can expect more beauty posts in the future. I’ve also linked below all of my essentials in my everyday makeup look. 

And can we also talk about how there were 3 full posts up on Live Laugh Linda this week? I’m super proud of myself for sticking to my schedule even with such a crazy work schedule this week. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and if you get to enjoy a long weekend, then lucky you!!! 


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  1. Dana Mannarino
    January 12, 2018 / 6:41 PM

    1. I LOVED this post, you gotta teach me your ways.
    2. These photos are SO good!

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