How To Have The Best Monday

I’m pretty sure we can all agree Monday’s are ROUGH. After a relaxing & fun weekend, the last thing we all want to do is wake up ridiculously early, deal with the commute from hell, and work through all of our responsibilities. So today I’m taking a stand and sharing how to have the best Monday!

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Pamper Yourself On Sunday Night

Friday nights, I like to stay up late and just enjoy life. Saturdays, I love to either be a lazy bum or get out and just relax. But, Sundays is when I recharge. It’s where I get ready for the week ahead and if I don’t take advantage, I truly feel behind the whole week. I love to prepare my blog posts for the week ahead as well as catch up on any emails I may have ignored. And my favorite part is where I just enjoy some me time and pamper myself. I always try to apply a fresh coat of polish, use a face mask and watch some Netflix or listen to new music. It’s so simple, but it really relaxes me and I feel so much more put together when that alarm goes off on Monday morning.

A New Outfit

The number one thing that has always helped me get out of bed is being excited for something. Whether it’s a new song I’m excited to play on repeat (currently Demi Lovato’s Sorry Not Sorry!!), a vacation that has finally come around, an exciting event or even a new outfit. For me personally, I know I have a ridiculous amount of clothes, but only gravitate to about 10 things for work. So when I have something new to wear, it’s nice being able to wake up and take the guess work out of what I want to wear. Plus you would be surprised how many people at work notice you have something new so it’s sure to be an instant confidence boost on Monday! I picked up this bomber jacket & tee from the Nordstrom Sale and immediately put it aside to wear the next day because I was that excited. This jacket has been perfect at work since it’s always so cold at the office.

Make A Fresh To-Do List

This is either something I work on end of day Friday in preparation for the new week or first thing Monday morning. There’s always so much to do at work, whether it’s urgent or an on-going project. So its easy to have all of the things you need to get done running through your mind and I know for me, it can get overwhelming, especially on a Monday morning. So I always find it helpful to review the week ahead, recap the previous week and make a fresh list of what needs to get done and it’s priority level. I’ve started a lot of Mondays being overwhelmed only to create my to-do list and realize that things I stress over aren’t even that high of a priority!

Look Forward To Lunch

So, I love to eat, which is why this is obviously on my list. But, I’ve been making more of an effort to eat a little more healthier so I’ve been packing salads for lunch everyday. Since fresh veggies tend to go bad quickly, I always buy a fresh supply of ingredients each week after work on Mondays. Since I don’t have anything to pack for lunch on Mondays, I try to make it my treat day that way I have something to look forward to. My office is a block away from the famous Soup Man so that’s always my number one pick or I love treating myself to some fried dumplings at Lili’s 57 or to a turkey club with chipotle mayo from Lenny’s. But, if I do pack lunch or have had a particularly hard day, my absolute favorite thing is getting chocolate chip cookies from Subway’s. Pretty much my weakness and the thing that can instantly make me happy.

Something At Home To Look Forward To

This is obviously a no brainer since everyday we all look forward to coming home. But, I think just having something a little special to look forward to at the end of the day on Mondays is even more important. For example, I know so many people go crazy over the Bachelor/Bachelorette which is perfect since it comes on on Mondays. Back to food (lol), but looking forward to dinner is always great, any new shows or a new YouTube video to watch or a new book to start. I will also say that when I dog sat my boyfriend’s chihuahua for 4 weeks, it was literally the highlight of my day to come home to that excited little face. So getting a dog is a bit extreme, but they make sure a huge difference so if you are able to, but have been on the fence, I highly encourage it!

There you have it, my top 5 tips on how to have the best Monday! So although, I’m pretty sure we were all grumpy when the alarm clock went off and a bit cranky waiting for our Starbucks, I think it’s important to remember that there are small steps that we can take to try to make the best of it. Happy Monday everyone & hope you have a great week ahead!


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