What I’m Picking Up At The Spring Bonus Sephora Sale

Happy Thursday!

I feel like this week flew by, am I the only one?

I don’t typically post on Thursdays, but there’s a certain sale starting tomorrow that I’m so excited about and want to share. You guys know I don’t typically do “sales post” because I find that they are too overdone. Some of my favorite bloggers do great sale roundups and I feel like I never do so I just opt out. Plus, I’m on a budget 99.9% of the time so chances are I’m not really shopping the sale.

But, this sale in particular, I am so passionate about so I had to share and that is the Spring Bonus Sephora Sale!! Woohoo!

Makeup rarely goes on sale so I always jump whenever there is a sale. And Sephora is my go-to place when shopping for makeup, I mean I’m VIB Rogue which is their top tier in their loyalty program and pretty much means you spend a lot of freaking money on makeup.

So today, I’m sharing a few details about the Sephora sale, some tips I have if you want to shop it and what I’m planning on picking up during the sale, along with some of my favorites already. But, before we get started on the Sephora Sale favorites, I wanted to note that only VIB Rogue members can start shopping the sale this weekend and then the sale opens up to their VIB and Beauty Insiders next week!

What I'm Picking Up At The Spring Bonus Sephora Sale by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


This Sephora sale starts tomorrow, April 13th and goes until April 16th. At this time it is only open to VIB Rouge members.

You can use the code “YAYROGUE” at checkout online for 15% off your order or you can show the email you received if you’re VIB Rogue to the associate and they will scan the barcode in the email and take 15% off. From my experience in the past, if I’m shopping in stores, they didn’t really need the email, they just applied the discount once my reward card was scanned.

And according to the email I received, Sephora is having a one day in store promotion on Friday where a VIB Rouge member can bring a guest and that guest can also receive 15% off their purchase regardless of their Sephora status and there is a free gift involved.

The Sephora sale opens to everyone on April 20th and goes until April 23. At this time, VIB Rouge members can still shop and get 15% off, VIB members also get 15% off and Beauty Insider members will get 10% off.

Sephora only holds these sales twice a year, one in the Spring and one during the holidays so you’re definitely going to want to take advantage!

What I'm Picking Up At The Spring Bonus Sephora Sale by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


I seriously always get so excited for this Sephora sale because again makeup rarely goes on sale and yet if you’re a makeup/skincare/beauty lover you’re purchasing it anyways. It’s honestly the only thing that I buy at full price.

If you’re a beauty lover like me, this Sephora sale can get pretty overwhelming because you want to buy just about everything to take advantage of the sale. And if you’re not a beauty lover, but still want to take advantage of the sale, it’s still pretty overwhelming because you don’t know where to start. So here are a few of my tips on how to tackle this sale:

  • Prioritize your big ticket items: If you’ve been eyeing that eyeshadow palette that is $68, that eye cream that is $100 and that lip kit that is $20 and you made a promise to yourself to only get one thing, then definitely invest in that eye cream or that eyeshadow palette. These Sephora sales only happen twice a year so take full advantage!! Every other day we are paying full price so make sure you scoop up those big ticket items!
  • Stock up on items that you always use: There are certain things that I’m constantly buying because I can’t live without them. My makeup oil to remove my makeup and my makeup setting spray are a few of my must haves so I like to pick up a few essentials during this time to save some money.
  • Try out new products: If you’ve been wanting to try a new moisturizer, eye cream or palette, I think now is the time to do so. At the last Sephora sale, I really took advantage and picked up a ton of palettes that I had been eyeing as well as a sleeping mask and I was really happy to not only add new products into my collection, but save a little bit of money.
  • Organize your favorites list & do your research: I feel like I’m always on the Sephora website, looking at new arrivals and top rated products and adding them to my favorites list. This definitely helped at the last sale because I was able to just look at all my favorites and really narrow down what I really wanted to try. Plus the beauty community especially on YouTube is so big and influential these days. There’s probably a video on every single product you want to try so if you’ve been eyeing a new foundation or a new palette, look up a video or two to see what people have to say. Sephora has a great return policy even if you do use an item, but it’s better to do some research beforehand so you don’t have to be bothered returning items.

What I'm Picking Up At The Spring Bonus Sephora Sale by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


I’ve been eyeing a ton of new spring arrivals and a few items that I’ve just been waiting to try. See some of my Sephora Sale picks below and let me know if you’ve tried any of them, would love to hear your opinions!


I also wanted to share a few of my favorite products that I’ve picked up from Sephora during their last sale or just on a random shopping trip that I love and would highly recommend. Happy to answer any questions about them that you may have!

That’s all I have for today! Thank you so much for reading and I hope that if you’re interested in this Sephora sale that this post helped you navigate it. Happy to answer any questions you may have and would love to see and hear what you picked up if you shopped it!

Have a great rest of the week, Friday is tomorrow so hang in there!


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