6 Items I’ve Sold on Poshmark & Why

As per usual, I’m late to the Poshmark game.

But, I’ve had a lot of success on the platform so far and it’s been so helpful to clean out my closet and make room in my apartment while bringing in the additional income.

Most items I’ve sold on Poshmark are just because they ran their course in my closet and are no longer being used.

But, some items I’ve sold on Poshmark are because I regret buying them or I’ve changed my opinion over the years…

6 Items I’ve Sold on Poshmark & Why

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of a woman with a Dagne Dover Allyn Leather Tote review at the airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Dagne Dover Allyn Leather Tote

I can still hear my mother saying “I told you so.” I became obsessed with this bag in 2019 and purchased it to be my travel bag for my Puerto Rico trip. The main selling point of this bag were the organizational pockets. It had a slip for your laptop, water bottle, a ton of pockets around the bag for different items and a chain for your keys. There are 3 sizes and you typically buy the size that corresponds with your laptop. I love being organized and nothing excites me more than a good organizational moment so I was sold.

Where do I even start?

In hindsight, I should have purchased the small since it would have gone better with my petite frame. But, I purchased the medium in order to fit my 15″ laptop. My biggest gripe with the bag is that it does not keep its shape at all. The minute you start filling it up and utilizing those pockets, it starts to slouch and fold in, which you can definitely see in the photo. It also does not fit as much as I anticipated, but again I was hesitant to fill it up because it started to lose its shape and bulge out. I tried to use the bag afterwords as a work bag, but it’s just so bulky that if I stood on the standing side of the escalator during my NYC commute, everyone would hit my bag on the way up.

On a positive note, I did like the length of the handles and how they held, but for me the cons outweighed the pros especially given the price of over $300. I would rather use a Longchamp tote with a Samorga insert because the quality and price point are better.

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of a woman with the Mansur Gavriel Bucket bag size comparison)

Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

I’m 100% shocked that I decided to sell this bag because I love the brand, the bag and it’s so sentimental for me.

I purchased this in 2014 when I started working at my first big girl job. The bag had just been introduced and was so popular and sold out everywhere. I called almost every store and finally found one at Steven Alan so I took my lunch break and walked BLOCKS just to pick it up. I’ve gotten a ton of use out of this bag and for a period of time, I exclusively wore this bag only. But, over the years my preferences have changed and I’ve just come to prefer a smaller bag so I found myself not reaching for this one as often.

I love the Mansur Gavriel brand. I think their styles are timeless and worth the money. I received the Mini Bucket Bag in Flamma as a birthday gift and it’s one of my all time favorite bags. It fits everything I need it to and when life was normal, it was my everyday work bag. I definitely love the size more and feel like it fits my frame and preferences better. So I decided to part ways with my OG bucket bag in hopes of giving it a better home where she will be loved and used! I’m definitely planning to repurchase this color way in the mini size because I think it goes with everything. And I would still recommend the Bucket Bag in all sizes.

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of a woman wearing a palm print dress and March Fisher Espadrille wedge sandals)

Marc Fisher Espadrille Platform Wedge

There was a time when these were the IT SHOES. Retailers could not keep them in stock. When Nordstrom restocked them, I purchased them so quickly because everyone and their mother owned them.

I do want to preface this by saying, I actually like the Marc Fisher brand. Their Yale Chelsea boot is my go-to for the fall/winter, but these shoes…. they are not it. I honestly think I’ve worn them three times and they were just for photos.

To start, these are so heavy. If you packed these for a trip, they need their own luggage because you will go over your allotted weight. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but they really are heavy. I also found the strap around the ankle to be too large and found it cut me off in a weird place for my petite frame. The toe opening is also small so it’s a strange fit. And honestly, I don’t really gravitate to tall heels and wedges anymore so they were just no longer my style.

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of a woman with a JADEtribe straw bag in Vietnam)

JADEtribe Basket Bag

I discovered this brand when I worked at Teen Vogue. I am an island/vacation girl at heart so anything straw/rattan related just speaks to me. So I loved the selection of basket bags and found the fringe detail on top and the tassel to be quite unique.

It really is a beautiful bag, but it’s very structured, almost too structured. I found it difficult to hold as a top handle because I had to squeeze the handles together. When I wore it on my arm like in the photo, the straps stayed separated and just laid across my arm awkwardly. I don’t have many straw bags in this style so I’m sure it’s not a brand thing, but a style thing because of the material, but it just wasn’t practical for me and I wasn’t reaching for it often and never packed it for another vacation. I definitely prefer a rattan crossbody or something slouchier and softer like the one I’m wearing here. It’s also a pricier bag, retailing at $175 which is definitely too much to spend on a bag that sits in my closet for most of the year.

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of a woman with a Clare V. Foldover Clutch)

Clare V. Foldover Clutch

The Clare V. clutches were THAT GIRL in the early days of blogging. These flat clutches in general were just the moment. We used to pose with them in photos pretty much empty lol.

Honestly, I never really used the Clare V. clutches in my day to day life or to even to go out. I strictly used them for photos. My mom, however, loved using them at one point for travel and keeping documents in them. But other than that, they just sat in my wardrobe collecting dust, plus I think they’re a bit out of style now. I much prefer a toiletry pouch, I love mine from Louis Vuitton or if you’re still a fan of this flat style I recommend an envelope clutch or the Clare V. flat clutch over the foldover.

6 Items I've Sold on Poshmark & Why by Basically A Mess (photo of Amazon pink makeup case)

Amazon Cosmetic Case

Another item that did not live up to the hype. I had seen this everywhere on social media and the organizational lover that I am, I fell in love with the adjustable dividers.

I’ll start by saying this. If you travel by car and don’t need to worry about weight limits or space, this cosmetic case is definitely an option for you. But, if you travel via plane, this is just too much of a hassle. It’s so big, it took up 85% of my carry-on. It’s also so heavy if you fill it up and I found that I couldn’t even use the top part for brushes because it became far too bulky and sometimes wouldn’t close.

I also found myself not loving or even utilizing the dividers because my makeup items are all different sizes so I had to adjust the dividers so much that I may as well have taken them out. Plus when you adjust the dividers to fit some items then you’re unable to fit other items that would have fit if you didn’t have the divider. I like traveling with makeup palettes because it’s easier to travel with one palette than 6 different items, but this gave me no room for palettes.

This really didn’t work for me or my needs and I hated it. I much rather prefer the classic cosmetic case shape where it’s like a pouch and that way I can just throw it into my tote.

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