Living Up To Expectations During the Nordstrom Sale

Finally sharing the first look I styled with items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! But, instead of just promoting the sale, today we are talking about the pressures of living up to expectations during the Nordstrom sale.

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A Little Background

If you read my post where I talk about the mistakes I made last year during the Nordstrom sale, then you know that I didn’t realize how important or major this sale was until last year. While I tried to keep up with the crowd and promote the sale as much as possible, it was just not in my means to do so. For starters, I was recently unemployed so I was not in any position to go on a shopping spree. I also didn’t have a Nordstrom credit card so everything was sold out by the time public access was open. And not to throw shade, but how many collages can one possibly make?!

Anyways, to be completely honest, I was pretty excited for the sale this year. For starters, I gots me a Nordstrom card & I gots me a job! So not to get emotional on you guys, but for me it was just nice seeing how different my life is this summer compared to last summer. And having the means to actually shop this time around. With that being said, I do have my opinions when it comes to major sales and a bloggers role in promoting them. There’s a lot of pressure to keep up with everyone and you constantly feel as if you’re not doing enough so today I wanted to share my thoughts.

A Blogger’s Role In Promoting Sales

I personally love that a lot of bloggers recently have become really transparent when it comes to promoting sales and pretty much saying “look, I make good money off of this sale and that’s why I promote it so much.” I appreciate and respect that. With that being said, I feel like a lot of people post about the sale because they feel like they need to and not because they want to. As I was writing this post, I got a bit sidetracked and went on social media to look through instastories for a quick social update. I came across, Allie’s (from prêt à provost) post about why she didn’t post about the Nordstrom Sale and I absolutely loved it. To sum it up, she basically said she doesn’t shop it so she doesn’t post about it. And I loved that honesty.

Let me preface this by saying that I have so much respect for all the bloggers who stayed up late to do outfit try-ons and work on their posts to promote the sale. I even referenced a lot of the try on sessions to help me decide what I wanted from the sale. These girls are such major girl bosses to put in that hard work and deserve all of the commission/praise they receive from it. And I genuinely feel their excitement to shop and it’s contagious! Some of my favorite posts about the sale are from Amanda of The Miller Affect who has seriously been killing the game and my all time favorite Kathleen from Carrie Bradshaw Lied, who waited to post so she could share her real thoughts and show how she would style the pieces.

Then there are bloggers out there, who leading up to the sale and during the sale have complained every step of the way. Complained about being tired, being overwhelmed, it being too hot and not being impressed by the sale. And then turning around and start pushing links and products with the emphasis on them doing it for YOU the reader.

But, Where Do We Draw The Line?

I’m constantly trying to find my voice and figure out what exactly I want this blog to be. Recently, I’ve wanted to get more personal and really have this site be an extension of me and become an online diary if you will. I personally love the sale so in turn I want to share it because it’s natural for me, but I just can’t justify getting up super early and creating a collage that so many other bloggers do, and then be super tired at my day job. I also know I am not a pretty person when I get no sleep so I would most likely half-ass the post and complain along the way.

I think as bloggers we need to be honest with ourselves. Not to throw shade or disrespect anyone, but again it feels as if every time you go on snapchat and insta stories, especially during the sale, bloggers are saying oh I’m so tired, but I’m doing this for you guys or it’s so hot but I’m doing it all for you. While I do agree, that we need to pay attention to what our readers want, let’s be honest for a minute. We’re not doing this all for our readers, we’re doing this so we can make money. Where do we draw the line of doing things for readers and doing it for ourselves? Isn’t the reason you started a blog because you wanted to, because you had a passion and wanted to share it? And in turn, isn’t the reason people started following you is because they liked you, they liked learning about your life and everything you wanted to share? So if you don’t believe in something but just doing it cause you feel like you need to and you’ll make money from it, then isn’t that dishonest?

Living Up To Expectations

I’m still trying to navigate this blogging world and separating me as a reader and me as a blogger. As a reader, I notice that I hate collages. They don’t do anything for me, especially when it comes to this sale. I want to see how it looks on you and what your thoughts are on the actual product. To me, I don’t know if you actually like that blouse you put in a collage or if you just think it will sell well. But, at the same time, those are my thoughts as a reader. Maybe you guys love product collages and as a blogger, I’m just not doing them.

I dealt with some personal stuff last week and work has been so crazy that I’m beat when I get home and I just don’t want to push things on you guys just for the sake of doing so. On top of that, I purchased my items along with everyone else on Thursday morning, not at the ridiculous time of 3am. I personally didn’t want to splurge on the overnight shipping or rush to throw a look together just to post it. One of my best friends Dana of Pink Champagne Problems, recently tweeted that she loved every part of her order, but didn’t know if it would make her a bad blogger if she didnt share. I totally related to this because I loved my order as well, but surprisingly wasn’t rushing to post just to post and to link just to link.

I know I’m going off on a tangent here and this may be an unpopular opinion, but I just wanted to talk through the Nordstrom sale on a personal level and share my thoughts with you guys. I’m truly not shading anyone who is giving it their all and promoting around the clock during this sale, because I genuinely admire them and wish I gave it my all like that. I mean, I’m sharing a Nordstrom sale look today so I’m obviously promoting it as well! But, what I am saying is as a blogger, its a lot of pressure to feel like you’re not doing as much or you can do more and overall feeling like you just don’t live up to the rest of the bloggers out there. I know I do, especially since so many items were sold out by the time I shot my looks and because I took a week off of blogging during the biggest blogger sale! But, this time it just wasn’t in the cards for me. I had some ideas of posts I wanted to work on and share so I too could feel like a major girl boss, but again life gets in the way and you need to pick your priorities. But, I will tell you that every year, as long as I am genuinely excited to shop this sale that I will aspire to promote it and share it and give it my all, but in my own way. And if I’m ever truly over it and not interested then I will let you know!

So almost a full 2 weeks since early access started and almost 1 week since public access started, I’m sharing my first look that I picked up from the sale. The print on this dress drew me in first, but what I loved is that I can wear it now, but also transition it into the fall. Every year, I love purchasing a pair of black booties because once the weather gets cold they are the only thing I wear. I love the cutouts on this pair because it makes me look a little less crazy wearing them in this heat and I know they’re going to be so cute with pants in the fall. And now I would also love to hear your opinions on this sale. Do you agree with me? Disagree? Pick anything up? I’m all ears!



  1. Anna Wagner
    July 27, 2017 / 6:56 PM

    I’m not really into the collages either. 😉 At first, it’s nice to see the “top picks” to help me sort through my 1st order, but then I much prefer reviews/try-ons to get a better feel for what I should give a 2nd look at. I’ve placed 3 Nordstrom sale orders so far, and the 1st two have arrived. I’m keeping maybe 4-5 things from those 2 orders with half of that being bras and ordered way more than that. Sometimes, with this sale, it’s just fun to try things on since they have such a great return policy. All that said, appreciate the real talk on the pressure!

  2. July 28, 2017 / 4:11 PM

    YESSS to all of this! There’s so much pressure and expectation to post about it. This was my first time actually shopping and seeing how I wanted to post about it. I’m not into collages either, but found a way to put my spin on it and hopefully didn’t put added pressure to shop the sale.
    xo Adri |

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