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Happy Monday friends! This weekend was Harry Potter weekend on Freeform. Which for me basically means I don’t want to do anything or see anyone and just want to binge watch HP. I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter. I’m talking, posters everywhere, every magazine they were in I purchased, my aim screen name was HPcutie and I swore I was going to marry Daniel Radcliffe! Recently, my love for the book & movie has been restored and it’s driving my family crazy to say the least. I even ordered the cutest ring from Alex & Ani. Anyways, I’ve been making a few changes lately and it’s been having such a great impact on my day to day to life so I wanted to talk about them today on the blog. So today we’re talking all about making lifestyle changes!

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5 a.m Gym Call Time

I’ve been wanting to head back to the gym for several reasons. I recently had my annual physical exam and when I realized I gained weight, I started to feel super down. Not to mention, I’ve gone up a whole denim size and have just been eating super bad and feeling sluggish. I hate going to the gym after work. I always find I have no energy and I’m always too hungry to work out plus I end up eating dinner and going to bed super late when I do go. I hate getting up early, but I realized if I’m serious about losing weight and trying to be more active, that means going to the gym before work… at 5am.

This is my second month with this new routine and I have to admit, it’s not as bad as it sounds and I actually love it. I love getting in my work out in the morning and not having to worry about it after work when I’m exhausted. I feel like I have more energy and more confidence when getting dressed. I love having a solid hour in the morning to myself to listen to music, work out and prepare myself for the day. Plus, when I work out, I always think of that scene in Legally Blonde where she talks about endorphins and as funny as it was, it’s so true! I’m genuinely a more happier person and it helps me stay calm and positive when I’m dealing with stress at work.

Going To Bed Early

Because I’ve been getting up super early, I’ve been making an effort to stick to a routine and go to bed early. On weekdays I’m in bed by 10. 10pm!! Can you believe it? I don’t think I’ve been in bed by 10 since I was in middle school. I get a solid 7 hours of sleep at night, which is more than I used to. My body has also started adjusting to the routine so I naturally get sleepier towards 10 and I start slowly waking up towards 5am. Plus I’m more productive during the day. I used to crash mid day and then be so awake at night, but nowadays I can really power through the entire work day.

Weekend At The Boyfriend’s Place

For the past three years, Eddie & I have had a bit of a weekend routine. On Friday night him & his 10 lb chihuahua, Kenny, would come over to my place and stay for the weekend. We typically wouldn’t do anything except watch movies, eat junk food and take naps. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, but we definitely needed a change of pace. He kept trying to switch it up and get me to stay at his place, but every time I thought about it, it just seemed easier to keep things the way they were. I probably sound ridiculous, but here was my argument. Number one, I like my own space and I’ve always been like that. Even in college, everyone would just naturally come and hang out in my room. And secondly, it’s more for me to pack up than it is for him. He’s so simple that he can pack a backpack and be fine. Me on the other hand, I have two bags of toiletries and need options for outfits. How ridiculous am I? Anyways, I’ve started going to the boyfriend’s place for a little over a month now and I have to say not only do I look forward to it, but it’s been great for our relationship.

Getting Out To Explore More

And one of the reasons it’s been great for our relationship is because we’ve started “dating” more. No, really! I think when you’ve been dating for so long, it’s easy to fall into a routine and forget how fun it is to date. Eddie lives in the lower east side, which is a really great area. And every weekend whether it be Friday night or Saturday, we try to get out and explore and find new restaurants. I keep joking with him that I’m eating my way through the lower east side. One of my favorite things to do on Saturday morning when I wake up is scroll through Yelp and see what’s nearby. I have a ton of places bookmarked that I really want to try. I’ve even been taking note of places we visit so I can finally bring back my NYC Diaries series.

During the week, life moves so fast and Eddie and I barely talk. With our busy schedules, we always make sure to say good morning and goodnight, a quick check up during the day and that’s pretty much it. So it’s been nice to explore new places and take a moment to sit down, breathe and just catch up with each other on how our week has been.

Thank you so much for reading! 


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