5 Mistakes I Made Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & How You Can Avoid Them

Let’s talk about the biggest event of the summer shall we… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale of 2017! Before you close out cause you’re already tired of hearing about it, I think todays post is a little more fun. We’re poking fun at me and talking about my past mistakes. Specifically, the 5 mistakes I made shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & how you can avoid them!


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Early Access is Actually Everything! Open the Card!

Can I be real with you guys for a moment? Last year was the first year that I actually realized how much of a big deal the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is. Growing up, Nordstrom was not a huge deal for me since we don’t currently have one in NYC so I wasn’t familiar with them. I’m pretty sure I’ve been inside an actual store twice while I was in college. When I started blogging, I was so busy trying to make it in the fashion industry that I didn’t realize how big of a deal this sale is. With that being said, I was really excited for it last year. I read and heard everyone say how important it is to get the Nordstrom debit/credit card for early access, but I just couldn’t. Because, hello, I was unemployed since I just quit my job.

I remember waking up on the first day of the sale and not knowing how to even access it online (lol). I went through every single page and decided exactly what I wanted so I could be prepared when public access opened up. And guess what? Throughout the entire week of early access, I watched every last item I wanted sell out. Once the sale was open to the public, I found myself buying just to buy. So the moral of the story is, there really are some great pieces and you will find something you love so just open the card. There are some great perks and I haven’t once regretted it.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Get Inspiration from Your Favorite Bloggers

Let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we? Sales posts are THE WORST! And I’m obviously guilty of doing them so I can’t judge, but they really are the worst. ShopBop, Nordstrom, Amazon, basically any major sale and you will see a massive influx of the same blog posts from every single blogger. To be honest, I tend to ignore them because they’re pretty repetitive especially if it’s a collage and not even an outfit post. But, I will say, last year I went through every single page of the sale since it was my first time really embracing it. Afterwards, I checked out all my favorite bloggers to see their picks from the sale and fell in love with pretty much everything. As fun as going through every item was, I probably could have saved some time if I looked to the people who influence me.

So in my opinion, it’s okay if you bypass all the sale posts, but if you are interested in it, pick your fave bloggers and see what they have to say to help you narrow down and navigate. If I’m not that person for you, then that’s totally fine! But, if I am, you can expect me to share a bit of my favorites here and there, but not an entire collage/scrolling widget since those are actually the worst!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Wait at Your Own Risk!

Basically guys, things sell out fast! Especially once the big influencers start posting outfit pics of their sale finds, then you can best believe that item is selling out. If you’re anything like me, you always hesitate before making a purchase. I just really want to think this through, like how many times will I wear something, do I actually need it and is it practical? With that being said, hesitate and wait at your own risk when it comes to this sale cause you might miss out. I remember there was a bomber on sale last year and it sold out and then came back in stock. For some reason, I hesitated and asked myself if I really needed another bomber jacket. Jokes on me cause when I decided I did, it was sold out. Wait at your own risk, but they way I see it, Nordstrom has free shipping and returns so you just can’t lose.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – It May Be Warm Now, but Think Ahead

I remember this was a big “controversy” last year. So many bloggers were posting coats, capes and winter gear in the middle of August for the sake of the sale. While I’ll admit even I was kinda over it and definitely judging, once fall hit I regretted it. The point of this sale is to introduce the new fall stuff at a discount before the price goes back up. So while we could be in a heat wave, just think ahead and what you would love if it were cold outside. There are some great deals on sweaters, coats and boots. But, there are some great transitional items as well and I always find those sell out the fastest. Anything that could be worn now and layered later for the cold weather is definitely a great find and something you don’t want to hesitate on. It’s what I looked for last year since I just couldn’t shop for the fall in this heat!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Stock Up on Basics

I feel like no one talks about this, but it was my biggest regret last year! Classic tees, tanks and tunics go on amazing sale, like pretty much $15 or below and I feel like not a lot of people take advantage of this. Last year, I picked up a grey pocket tee and although it was so simple and plain, it was my favorite purchase and I wore it at least twice a week. So even though everyone will be focusing on the new “it bootie” or the fun top, make sure you check out the classic tees. And the makeup! I totally regret ignoring this all together last year so I’m excited to see what they have this year.

5 Mistakes I Made Shopping The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & How You Can Avoid Them by popular New York fashion blogger Live Laugh Linda

There you have it! 5 mistakes I made shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & how you can avoid them. Seriously, learn from my mistakes so next year you’re not looking back with any regrets!! Happy Shopping and you can check out the catalog here.

And to see my Nordstrom picks from last year, they will be here, here and here. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend!



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