Pineapple Lovin’, Family & A Floating Market

Nothing like an impromptu photo shoot… especially one that sets the stage for todays story time!

First, let’s talk outfit details

Vietnam is known for their floating markets so even though I am terrified of water, I was super excited to visit and see the market first hand. Before heading there, my mom told me stories about the pineapple boats and how it’s basically my dream come true because it’s a whole boat of pineapples. I was so excited and knew I needed to take the most epic pineapple picture for the gram. So naturally, some pineapple gear was necessary, which is why I picked up this shirt. I paired it with some white boyfriend jeans and some simple sandals to keep the look super casual since it was just a family day of exploring.

But, once we finished our tour of the floating market, we found the most amazing garden that lined the river. I originally wasn’t going to shoot this outfit since it’s so incredibly simple and basic, but after I saw this scenery, I couldn’t pass it up. Plus, you guys know how I feel about pineapples so I just had to share!

Now, let’s get a little personal and talk family.

To be honest, I’m finding this a little difficult to write because I have so many thoughts and emotions and I’m trying to share them all without rambling and without writing a novel so here we go.

My day to day life consists of my mom, who is my best friend, my boyfriend Eddie and his chubby chihuahua Kenny. I have four aunts that live in different states with my uncles and cousins and I don’t see them as often as I would like, if not at all. Sure, we talk on the phone, I see pictures on Facebook and because they are family, I love them. When the holidays roll around, we don’t all get together and we don’t particularly make a big effort to go on vacation or see each other. Frankly, I never thought anything of it, because it’s only ever been my mom and I and to me that was family.

This past January, when I went back to Vietnam, the idea of family changed completely for me and my time there really opened my eyes. I have a big family! I never thought I did because again, it’s always ever been my mom and I. But, I would sometimes look at coworkers and friends and be like “wow you have a huge family.” But, hi, hello, I have a big family!

Here’s the thing.

I don’t speak Vietnamese and my family there doesn’t speak English. There’s a very obvious language barrier and I probably have never had a full conversation with them. Our communication is done through pointing, expressions and my mom or aunts translating. But, what blew my mind is that although we couldn’t speak, they showed me nothing but love and care and included me in absolutely everything. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love all of them and how hard it was to say goodbye, but how amazing it was to see them again after 17 years of being apart and being able to spend the Lunar New Year with them. I’m tearing up as I write this to be honest!

I think what I’m trying to say is, it’s not that I didn’t think family was important or I didn’t care. I think I was just numb to it and had a small minded approach. My mom and I are always together so boom that was family. But, after my trip my outlook on it has changed. I understand what selfless love looks like, I’m always thinking about my massive extended family and I use it to give me strength and get through my day and I’m grateful to have a group of people that love me with no judgement.

So if you take anything away from this post, just make sure you never take anyone in your life for granted and as much as family drives you crazy be grateful for them. The sad reality is, I missed years of my family’s life, years where their own family grew and we weren’t together and to this day, since they live so far away I’m only able to see them every other year. So if you are fortunate enough to have your family at arms reach, take advantage and never take them for granted.

A bit of a heavy post today, but its something that I really wanted to talk about so I hope you enjoyed!

Outfit Details

Shirt :: Shorts :: Sandals :: Bag :: Ring :: Sunnies


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