Productive Things To Do Over The Holiday Break

Happy Monday!

I know what you’re thinking. PRODUCTIVE things to do over the break? It’s a break, we are supposed to become actual couch potatoes.

I see you, I hear you, I am you.

Getting through December was such a struggle, I was feeling so burnt out and just felt like I was going through the motions and not actually feeling anything. So I can not tell you how happy I am that I am off from work until the new year and can just have some me time.

With that being said, there are a few things I want to get done over this break and honestly last year I got so much done during this break and it felt like my most productive week of the year. So I wanted to share what I’m doing and hopefully inspire you to tackle a few things before we ring in 2020.


Forget about Spring Cleaning, Holiday cleaning is where it’s really at. Last year I cleaned my entire apartment, from top to bottom and reorganized everything and got rid of so many things including donating old clothes and just throwing out junk. It felt so good to finally tackle that desk drawer with nothing but nonsense in it and to sweep behind that one dresser that never moves so it just collects dust behind it.

To be honest, I don’t know if I want to tackle a full clean this time around, but I definitely want to go through my clothes and donate some old stuff and re-organize what I plan to keep. I know this may sound horrible to some, but for me, it was kinda therapeutic to do a big clean.


I know the Holidays are a time for us to eat unhealthy, go to sleep at 3am, wake up at noon and just revisit our college days of doing what we want, but that doesn’t mean all of our routines have to be thrown out the window. I think it’s the perfect time to start a new or establish a new routine while you have the time.

I’m pretty good with my skincare routine throughout the week, but when I have extra time I love taking that extra step like using a mask or my ice roller or using a body scrub and a deep condition hair mask. Play around with your skincare routine, if you break out, you can just stay home and avoid everyone! I also plan to start a new vitamin regimen during this time off so I can see how it affects my body.

It doesn’t have to be big, it could be just trying to drink more water, but I always like to just do one thing so I feel like I’m on my way to a better me.


Am I the only one that has that one email account where all of the promotional store mail goes to? And it’s such a pain to clear it out so you let it pile up and that notification is always there on your phone taunting you? I know it’s annoying, but when else are you going to do it? Take an hour or so and go through and delete those emails or unsubscribe to the ones you know you no longer use or want to receive. I always feel so happy when that number goes away.


And if all of that sounded awful, that’s totally fine too, just do something for you. The Holidays are a time for us to eat whatever we want, stay in our pjs all day and just watch movies. I don’t see anything wrong with that. It has been a year and we are all tired, this is our time to recharge and refresh so we can do it all over again. I can’t be the only one feeling burnt out this time of the year!! So do something for you. Read a book, catch up on that show you’ve been falling behind on, binge watch a new show, sleep all day, eat all the snacks, just take time for yourself!

That’s all from me!

I will be taking a break from the blog until the new year so that I can recharge and plan out content for the coming year and because I know most of us will be unplugging and just spending time with our families. 

Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading and putting up with me this year. I will see you in 2020, have a wonderful holiday!! 


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