Sephora Play Subscription Box Review

I’m so excited about today’s post!! You guys may or may not know, but I have a YouTube channel that I started a few years ago while I was in college. It’s not something I kept up with and although I’m still struggling keeping up, it still holds a special place in my heart and it’s a big passion for me. On my channel, I share my love of makeup, but surprisingly I haven’t really shared that love here on my blog.

I’m seriously such a makeup/beauty industry fanatic and if you don’t believe me, I just became VIP Rogue at Sephora which is their top tier in the rewards program and basically means you spent way too much money. I’ve actually never been a subscription box fan since in the past, I haven’t taken full advantage of any sample sized products. But, after bonding with a coworker over our love of makeup and hearing her rave about the Sephora Play Box, I was sold. I figured since I’m always surfing their site, spending lots of money, and pretty much in love with all of their brands that I didn’t have much to lose so I signed up. And today I wanted to share with you guys what I received in my August box and a few of my thoughts!

About the Sephora Play Box

It is a monthly subscription service for $10 + tax a month. According to their website, you receive five deluxe samples as well as a fragrance sample in each box. From my past experience, when you try to sign up it says that it is sold out, but I signed up to be notified when they were back in stock and it was a pretty quick turnaround to be added. You can complete a survey about your skin type and color, hair type and color and a few of your concerns so that your box is pretty personalized. Within the box, your samples are enclosed in a fun collectible bag that you can save. And each box includes a Play Pass, which is basically a ticket where you can redeem 50 beauty insider points with your next purchase. Which is amazing because the more points you have, the more samples you can get at checkout on future orders!

My Skin/Hair Type

I have oily skin, especially in my T-zone. I have redness due to acne scarring around my cheeks. My hair is fine and straight and gets oily pretty easily and I’m always looking for some more volume.


What I Received in my August Sephora Play Box & My Thoughts


Living Proof: Perfect Hair Day – Dry Shampoo

First off, when I saw the size of this sample I was blown away. This is truly the definition of a deluxe sample. I’m typically not one to use dry shampoo since I have thin Asian hair so I wash it every morning or else it looks greasy. I’ve also tried a drugstore one in the past and hated it. However, I really wanted to give this one a chance. The first time I tried this, my hair was clean, but I felt as if it was a bit flat after doing my makeup so I sprayed a little bit and actually love how it felt. It was super lightweight and gave my hair some much needed volume. I then tried it for the second time on the weekend when I had second day hair and again it made my hair feel super lightweight. Personally, I’m not one to rely on dry shampoo and I just prefer washing my hair everyday, but I do like spraying a little bit of this for some extra volume and having this on hand towards the end of the day when my hair needs a pick me up.

Final Verdict: I would purchase a full size!

Clinique Lash Building Primer & High Impact Mascara

By far one of my fave products from this box! The sample I received is double ended, with one side being a primer and the other side being the actual mascara. After doing some research, I realized that these are two different products so just something to note if you are interested. When it comes to mascara, my thoughts are pretty neutral. As long as it doesn’t get into my contacts or bleed onto my makeup during the day, I’m not picky. But, I was blown away when I put this one on. The primer makes such a difference! Both of these products go on so smoothly and there is no clumping at all. It seriously coats every single eyelash and makes them look super long and make your eyes look super open and awake. I am absolutely obsessed! And this product made me super happy that I signed up for this box since I probably wouldn’t have discovered this mascara without my subscription.

Final Verdict: I would definitely purchase a full size of both products! 

Lancer The Method: Polish

This was my other fave from this box! When I first looked up this product on their website, it is listed as a product that is good for normal to dry skin so I was pretty upset since I have oily skin and filled out the survey to note that. Once I watched the Sephora YouTube video where they discuss the products of the month, they mentioned that this is actually good for oily skin and really cleanses the skin so I gave it a shot. Oh my gosh you guys, I seriously saw an instant difference. My skin was radiant and glowy, the acne scars, redness and texture were minimal and my skin was so smooth. I’ve actually been using a new skincare routine that I love which I’ll be talking about this Friday, but this was for sure the cherry on top. I especially loved the texture of this since it has a pretty fine grain to it, but still gentle and just felt amazing.

Final Verdict: Definitely a splurge item, but I think it’s worth it and I would purchase a full size!

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

To be honest, I hate fragrance samples. I never use them so while it’s a nice added bonus to each months box, it’s not a huge factor for me. I liked this scent, but I also swear by my Jimmy Choo fragrance and my Victoria’s Secret Bombshell so I’m just not in the market for a new perfume.

Final Verdict: I didn’t hate it, but probably won’t purchase a full size.

Beauty Blender Micro Mini

I love any and all beauty blenders and I truly believe you can not have enough so this was totally a nice treat. I love the original beauty blender and the medium sized one. I haven’t tried the micro mini yet, so it’s nice adding this into my collection of makeup tools.

Final Verdict: I would probably repurchase the original beauty blender before the micro mini, but still a great product!

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

I’m the worst blogger ever since I haven’t tried this yet, but I really wanted to post about my box!! I try to avoid trying new products for work since I don’t know what the outcome will be and I would be stuck with it all day long. I like to play around on the weekends, but the past few I’ve been relaxing on the weekends and working on apartment updates so that’s why! I will say I was pretty excited to see this in my box because so many of my favorite beauty vloggers have raved about it and it’s pretty hard to sample stick foundations. The color I received was beige and after I sampled it, it seemed like a good color match. I’ve also heard that stick foundations are great for oily skin so I’m excited to try this out.

Final Verdict: I don’t know!! I’ll be sure to report back, but I have high hopes since it has amazing reviews.

Final Thoughts

When I first received my box, I was like eh…it’s okay. But, after trying out the products I’m in love. I probably would have never tried out most of these products or gave them a chance and now that I have, I don’t know how I lived without them! If you are a makeup lover, I would totally recommend signing up and subscribing since you just can’t go wrong with $10 a month for a bag of deluxe samples.

I hope you guys enjoyed todays post! It’s different than what I’ve done in the past, but I’ve been wanting to share more of my love for makeup and skincare and beauty in general so this was for sure a first step. I’m also planning to continue reviewing my box each month in case you are still on the fence. I also have another beauty post planned for this Friday that’s all about skincare! Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Dana Mannarino
    August 23, 2017 / 2:10 PM

    I LOVE THIS! Also you were prob throwing shade to me since I never wash my hair 😉 but I’m glad you tried the dry shampoo – you’ll see it’s life changing!!! I kinda want to look into this subscription, I completely trust you when it comes to Sephora/beauty products.

    Pink Champagne Problems

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