What Is A Skin Essence & Why You Should Be Using It In Your Everyday Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday! 

I have been so turned around this week and not only do I feel like this week is dragging on, I also have no idea what day it is. I thought yesterday was Monday when it was obviously Tuesday so that’s how my week is going.

A few months ago I had a purchased a Sephora VIB Rouge Play Box. It’s pretty much like their typical subscription box, except it features deluxe samples of high end brands and only comes around every so often. These boxes have to be purchased since they are not eligible for the subscription and they are available for purchase by your Sephora membership so if you are VIB Rogue then you can purchase these first, then VIB and then if they are still available they are open to Beauty Insiders.

I actually loved my box and thought it was worth the money. I purchased the full size versions of most of the products, but the number one stand out product for me was this AMOREPACIFIC Essence. I’m really in love with this product and the idea of using an essence, so even though this might read like an ad, it’s not, it’s just been such a game changer in my skincare routine so I wanted to share!

What Is A Skin Essence & Why You Should Be Using It In Your Everyday Skincare Routine by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


Although it may look like it, an Essence is not a toner and even though some are clear, they are not just water either. It’s also not a cleanser or a serum. Can you tell I’m having a hard time describing it so I’m telling you everything it’s not. Basically it’s a really concentrated formula that is lightweight and is packed with benefits for your skin.

To put it simple, a skin essence is like a base. It’s a primer if you will or a base coat if we’re talking nail polish.

Essences are really big in Korean beauty routines, my favorite one is by K-beauty brand AMOREPACIFIC, and although I’m not sure if that’s where they originated from, they are often associated with the country. Although one of my favorite Japanese beauty brands, Tatcha, also offers an essence. Overall, they are popular in Asian cultures, which I find interesting because in the US, we really focus on makeup and if we focus on skincare it’s usually some kind of treatment or mask or special cream, whereas in Asian, especially in Korea & Japan, the focus is really just on skincare.

What Is A Skin Essence & Why You Should Be Using It In Your Everyday Skincare Routine by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


An essence should be used after you cleanse your face and put on your toner, but before you apply any serums and creams.

You should apply this directly to the palm of your hand and then directly on your face, making sure you cover your neck as well. By now, I’m sure we all know that rubbing, tugging and pulling of any kind on our face is bad so you should pat this onto your skin and let it soak in.

The really cool thing about an essence is that most of them come in this unique packaging where even though they have an opening on top, if you turn the bottle over, it does not automatically spill out. You actually have to turn it over and shake it into your hand to dispense drops of the liquid. I personally think that’s so cool, especially since you apply this directly to your hand and not a cotton ball so the unique packaging makes sure that you don’t overdo it.

What Is A Skin Essence & Why You Should Be Using It In Your Everyday Skincare Routine by popular New York style blogger Live Laugh Linda


One of the main benefits of a skin essence and the reason a lot of people swear by them is because it helps other products soak into your skin better. Remember when I said it’s a base for your skincare routine? It really is! If your next step is an illuminating serum or an anti-aging cream, using an essence prior to this make that serum or cream even 10x more effective because it is helping the product soak into your skin so you really get all the benefits of that product. So if you have a serum or a moisturizer that you already love, imagine how much better it could be if you use an essence first!

The concentrated formula also helps keep your skin moisturized, smooth and evens your skin tone. I have a lot of redness around my cheeks, especially from my acne scarring and using an essence helps me tone it down and when I feel like my skin is really dry especially after cleansing, applying an essence is so refreshing.

Yep, there’s more. Essences are also known for having strong anti-aging properties and it’s honestly never too early to start worrying about that! My mom has great skin and I think she looks super young, but when she started using an essence, I thought her skin looked so radiant and even better than it already did.


Okay, but really though, this bottle is $145. Nope,  you don’t have to clear your screen or rub your eyes, you read that correctly.

A skin essence is definitely a splurge item which is why when I finished my sample, I hesitated purchasing the full size. I think I went two to three weeks without my skin essence and could tell a difference in my skin. I no longer felt like my skin was radiant, it seemed kind of dull and my redness came back in full force plus I missed using it because it was like a little treat in my daily routine.

I did a lot of research on skin essences because I was really curious about them and what I found interesting is that in Asia, they are part of the culture and it’s an essential product to them. They don’t think twice about it, whereas in the US, most people don’t really know what it is and have never even heard of it.

But, I truly do think a skin essence is an essential in a skincare routine and a big miss if you’re not using one. It literally makes all products used after it, more effective and gives you radiant and youthful skin. What’s not to love? So even though I think it’s a splurge item, it’s totally worth it. And also, look at it this way. What’s the point of you spending $50 on foundation if you’re not going to give yourself a good base to put that foundation on. So always treat yourself when it comes to skincare!

I hope you enjoyed today’s skin essence post! I really love this product and have been telling everyone and anyone about it because I think it’s so great and I’m shocked that I haven’t been using this my whole life and shocked that so many people have no idea what this even is, so I wanted to share on the blog.

Anyways, hope you’re all having a great week and thank you so much for reading!!


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