Top 10 Best Beauty Products Worth The Hype

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I was such a couch potato this weekend! Eddie and I took the longest nap on Saturday and then spent most of the weekend playing Super Mario and Mario Kart on his Nintendo Switch. I’ve started to feel guilty every time I have a free moment and I’m not working on the blog so I’m still learning how to balance my job, my blog and my self-care, relax time.

Anyways, on to today’s post! I watch a ton of YouTube beauty videos. I pretty much never purchase a product without watching a video or reading a review anymore. It’s especially difficult when some people love it and some people hate it. Who do you believe?? And don’t get me started about when there is a beauty controversy like the drama whenever Morphe releases anything or BeautyBlender’s initial lack of diverse foundation shades.

But, every now and then, a product comes around and pretty much the entire beauty community comes together and can agree that it’s amazing. And naturally I get peer pressured into purchasing it. And while there are some hyped up products that didn’t work out for me, that post coming later, there are a ton that are amazing and deserve the hype so I’m rounding my the top 10 best beauty products worth the hype.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda



I think this bronzer was originally released in the summer of 2017 in an entire summer & coconut collection and it was all the rave. Except for the fact that it sold out so quickly so even if you wanted to get your hands on it, you couldn’t. They then brought it back in the beginning of 2018 and that sold out just as fast. But, thankfully, this bronzer along with a few other favorites from the collection are now part of the permanent collection!

An easy way to spot the summer collection is that the packaging is white as opposed to March Jacobs Beauty classic black packaging.

You guys probably remember, but I received this for Christmas and was so excited to finally join the bandwagon and try this out for myself. And it is just as amazing as everyone says. The smell transports you to a tropical getaway and the shade is universally flattering. It’s not too orange or too muddy, its the perfect shade. It just goes on the skin so smoothly and is so amazing.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


I’m pretty new to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand. Don’t ask me why, I was just slow to try the brand. They have a ton of hyped up products, but the first one I ever tried was the ABH Soft Glam palette.

You may be familiar with her Modern Renaissance palette, which I believe was the brand’s first one and the most popular. Their second palette had mixed reviews and the soft glam is just as hyped up as the Modern Renaissance.

I was so attracted to this palette because I loved that it looked great for everyday use, but wasn’t just a boring neutral, 101 brown shades palette. It is so pigmented that a little dab into the color goes a long way. The shimmers are especially incredible and you don’t even have to wet your brush to get a great color payoff. I normally don’t use the brushes from palettes because I find they are just kind of subpar to brushes sold individually. But, I was even impressed by the brush that came with the palette.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


Pat McGrath is an iconic makeup artist so it’s no surprise that her brand lives up to her name. It’s definitely pricey with eyeshadow palettes retailing in at about $125. So I have still yet to pull the trigger and pick one up! But, I do have a weakness for lip products so when everyone was raving about Pat McGrath lipsticks, I knew I had to try them out.

I currently only have one shade, called Omi, but it is so good!! And that is saying a lot because I normally opt for liquid lipstick and have moved away from regular lipstick. But, this goes on so creamy and pigmented. And it has such great lasting power just like a liquid lipstick. I’ve eaten meals and drank water with this lipstick on and it still stays on my lips.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


You guys have heard me rave about Tula products for forever now. It is just so good. Honestly, I owe Tula for starting my love of skincare. I started noticing a difference in my skin after using their products and it made me start to become passionate about trying different things to see what worked best for me.

Tula is definitely a “blogger favorite” hyped up brand and honestly for good reason. The face wash is so universally great for all skin types. I personally have oily skin and it works for me, but I also have friends who have normal to dry skin or combination skin and it still works for them. I don’t know what else to say that I haven’t already said, but its so good, just give it a try!!

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


Another Tula product you guys have heard me rave about. This is definitely a pricier item, but I honestly think its so worth it.

I have oily skin so I can’t really use a lot of illuminating products in makeup. The dewy look is not for me at all. I would look like I just finished working out! So instead I like to incorporate a lot of illuminating skincare products so that my skin can naturally glow. Again, not much I can say that I haven’t already said, but this product is so good. I use one pump in the morning and one pump at night so even though it’s a pricey item, it lasts a while.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


I love Jeffree Star and his brand. His products are incredible. If you watch his review videos, he holds makeup brands to a very high standard and in turn he also holds his own brand to a high standard. Every time he launches a new collection, a majority of it is bound to sell out. I finally put in my first purchase last year and I did not regret it. I was a little hesitant to place an order because I like to see makeup in person and try it out in stores rather than chancing it. But, I was not disappointed.

Once you try liquid lipsticks, its so hard to wear anything else. I’ve tried a few brands and they are either a hit or a miss, no in between. And Jeffree Star by far has the best formula and so many colors to choose from. They are not overly drying, they are comfortable on the lips and stay on all day.

This is definitely my go to brand and Calabasas is my go to color. I wore it all the time when I was in Puerto Rico and even while eating tacos and rice & beans and pretty much everything I could get my hands on, it still stayed on my lips.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


I first saw this product in the K-beauty section at my local Sephora. Then I noticed Jeffree Star raving about it on snapchat and then everyone started mentioning it in their monthly favorites and nighttime routines. So I finally picked it up and thought even if I didn’t like it, at the very least, it smells like watermelon!

This product is amazing and has been a game changer in my nighttime routine. I’m almost done with my first bottle! Not only does this smell good, it goes on so smooth and not sticky at all. By the time you wake up in the morning, it has absorbed into your skin and your skin feels so soft and smooth.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


I feel like the beauty community always goes crazy whenever a new Marc Jacobs beauty launch happens. So when these eyeshadow palettes launched, everyone was going crazy and raving about them.

I love how sleek and easy the packaging is, plus it is really great for traveling. And there are multiple palettes with different color schemes so there really is something for everyone. These shadows are so incredibly pigmented and blendable. The palette I chose was Scandalust which is a warm neutral palette with a pop of redish/pink which is what I love.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


A drugstore product! It took me till the end of the list, but here we are! Drugstore products are always hit or miss with the beauty community and normally not many people can agree on what is good and what is not. But, everyone and I mean everyone was in love with this when it launched.

This one is amazing because it is so smooth and so blinding. Plus it’s only $10. When this first launched it was only available in one color which is molten gold. But, because it was so popular they released it in three more shades including a collaboration with Nikkie Tutorials who is a very popular YouTube makeup artist.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda


ColourPop Cosmetics is always launching new products and adding new items into their line, plus its affordable. So its no wonder why everyone raves about the brand. From the eyeshadows to their concealer to all of their lip products and collaborations, they are always at the top of their game.

I don’t know what else I can say to rave about it, but trust me, you need to try it. They have so many eyeshadow palettes that even if you are afraid of color and makeup, you will find something. Or if you like something a bit more out there and fun, they have it. Plus, don’t get me started on their lip colors. So many different colors and finishes, they have everything.

Best Beauty Products featured by top US beauty blogger Live Laugh Linda

Thank you so much for reading my best beauty products post and stopping by! 

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of these products and what you think. I’m also working on a follow up post on the top products NOT worth the hype. Girl’s gotta save money so we need all the info before investing money in products! 

Have a great week! 

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  1. March 1, 2019 / 7:06 PM

    Ooh so many great recommendations I’d somehow completely missed, and now need to check out! I’ll add a few of my favourites which I think are worth the hype: the Charlotte Tilbury bronze & glow palette and Magic Away concealer (although the packaging is slightly annoying in that I can never get the cap off, haha), Stila Stay All Day liquid liner, and Nars Climax mascara.

    Briony xx

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