6 Trader Joe’s Must Haves

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I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s. And honestly, obsessed is an understatement. I follow countless Instagram accounts to keep up with the new releases and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried half the products in the store. At this point, I’m only leaving my house for weekly Trader Joe’s runs. So today, I wanted to share my top 6 Trader Joe’s Must Haves. These are only a handful of the products I love so I might make this a reoccurring post!

6 Trader Joe’s Must Haves

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1. Frozen Chicken Tikka Masala – I love Indian food. It is honestly something I am always craving so I love this frozen chicken tikka masala. It’s super easy to heat up, it’s delicious and is the perfect portion for a quick and easy lunch. Trader Joe’s garlic naan bread is also delicious and is great paired with this.

2. Banana Bread with Walnuts – As much as I love Trader Joe’s, I think their bakery items are pretty hit & miss. But, this banana bread is definitely a hit. It’s super moist. Gross, I know, I hate that word too, but it is! And I think it tastes better than the one you can get at Starbucks.

3. Reduced Guilt Mac & Cheese – At this point, it’s a reflex picking up this mac & cheese on my Trader Joe’s runs. Again, this is such a quick and easy meal. It’s also a good portion. I like to put a little pepper and red pepper flakes on mine and it’s so freaking good.

4. Rainier Cherries – So I’m a little late posting this and I think white cherries are actually out of season now. I wasn’t able to find this at my Trader Joe’s last week and let me tell you, it ruined my week, so if you see them, pick them up! They are so sweet, so delicious and I wish I had them right now. I would get 3 to 4 containers each visit and they made the perfect snack.

5. Envy Apples – After discovering these apples at Trader Joe’s, I can no longer eat any other apples. Envy apples are so sweet, so delicious and so crisp. They are so good. Trust me, you need to try them.

6. Pre-Made Ceasar Salad – Fun fact, the first time I had a caesar salad was at my cousin’s wedding last October and ever since then I have been obsessed with caesar salads. They are delicious! I have been missing out! So I love this pre-made caesar salad kit. Again, it’s such an easy and quick lunch. They offer a plain caesar salad and one with chicken. It comes with lettuce, cheese, croutons and the dressing. It’s the perfect portion and so good.

Okay, now I want to go to Trader Joe’s. These are only 6 Trader Joe’s Must Haves that I’m loving at the moment, but will probably make this a reoccurring post since there are a ton of other items I love.

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  1. Dana Mannarino
    August 10, 2020 / 11:51 PM

    OK Nick and I just became obsessed with TJs. I MEAN THE CHOCOLATE HUMMUS?! BYE. EBTB seasoning? BYE. Also I LOVE the Orange Chicken, have you gotten that? OH AND PANCAKE BREAD. You will thank me later.

    Dana | It’s Casual Blog 

  2. August 11, 2020 / 10:48 AM

    I am OBSESSED WITH TRADER JOES! I love the Tikka Masala. Have you tried the butter chicken? SOOOO GOOD! I’m very picky with Caesar salad so I’ll have to try TJ! And I need to try the Envy apples. I honestly thought they were just an average apple!


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