The Best Movies & Netflix Shows to Binge Watch

Happy Tuesday!

I have been so unmotivated and lazy lately so please forgive me! I start these Netflix binges and keep telling myself “just one more episode” and before you know it, it’s Sunday night at 8 p.m and nothing has been accomplished.

This last weekend, I started binge watching the Harry Potter movies for the 100th time. Which, we all know Harry Potter is the root of me getting nothing done!

So today, I wanted to talk about the best Netflix shows to binge watch and a few movies as well. Now, I love a Gossip Girl binge watch, even a Glee and Riverdale watch. Those are classics. But, I wanted to talk about the underrated shows and movies that I never hear anyone speak of, but that I think are totally worth your time!

The Best Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

Underrated Movies and the Best Netflix Shows to Bing Watch by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Live Laugh Linda


We have to start with Queer Eye. We just have to. I am beyond obsessed with this show. I binge watched it one weekend and have watched it twice since. It’s my go-to show when I’m not in the mood to watch anything else. I feel like a lot of people are talking about Queer Eye & The Fab Five, but I also have a ton of people in my life who have never seen it. So I thought I would add it to the list in case you are part of that sad, sad, sad percentage that has not watched it yet.

I never watched the original Queer Eye back in the day so I can’t speak to how it compares, but I am so in love with this cast. In case you’re not familiar, the show features five gay men, each one having a speciality like fashion, interior design, etc and each episode they makeover a straight man and make them the best version of themselves. Each episode takes me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I smile, laugh and cry hysterically at each one.

The guys are so lovable. I follow each of them on social media and the way they support each other makes me so happy. I highly, highly recommend and they were just renewed for a season two!


Any Jane the Virgin fans? Well if you are, you may recognize one of the main characters, Justina Machado, since she’s Rogelio’s baby mama. The other leading lady is Rita Moreno, who is iconic. I started this series one weekend where I was in the mood to laugh and commit to a series not just an hour and a half movie. Pretty sure I finished both seasons in the span of one weekend. This show also took me on an emotional ride with my emotions where I laughed and cry.

The series focuses on a Cuban-American family with Justina’s character is ex-military and a single mother who is raising two children while her mother, Rita Moreno’s character, lives with them. A few other characters added to the mix include their Canadian landlord who tries to be part of the family and the doctor Justina’s character works for who has a crush on her mother. The series follows the family and touches upon some real life difficult issues, but also has a fun and lighthearted nature to it. Each character is funny in their own right and each go through their own struggles and it’s such a good watch. The episodes are short, only 30 minutes so you will breeze through this series in no time. And they just got renewed for a third season!


I honestly don’t even know how I started this series. I think I randomly clicked on one episode after reading what it’s about and found myself totally invested. I believe this series actually originated in Spain and the characters actually speak Spanish during the episode. But, since it was adapted to be shown for Netflix U.S, there is an English voiceover. To be honest, one of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m watching something and the video is lagging so the dialogue doesn’t match up to the character’s mouth. So you can imagine how annoyed I was because of the English voiceover on top of the actual Spanish dialogue. But, I was so wrapped up in the story that I got over it and I really think it’s worth it.

This series is definitely heavier and more drama focused rather than light hearted like the other two. It’s a period piece since it takes place in Spain in the 1920s and focuses on four women who just started working in the telecommunications field, hence the name Cable Girls. The series dives in and focuses on each of the girls stories such as their family and their introduction into the working world as a woman in the 20s.

I’m probably not explaining it well, but this series was so good and I was hooked from the first episode. I was totally invested in the characters and felt with them and there were so many plot twists that I was shocked until the end. The second season was just released on Netflix back in December and I actually haven’t watched it yet because I haven’t been emotionally ready to!! But, it’s such a good series and I highly recommend!

Underrated Movies and the Best Netflix Shows to Bing Watch by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Live Laugh Linda


This show is what my childhood dreams are made of! I used to read the series when I was in elementary school and would fly through the books. I remember when the Jim Carrey movie version was released and even though it wasn’t the best depiction of the book series, I was still in love with it. But, this Netflix series depicts the book series perfectly.

Basically, the story centers around three siblings who have become orphans since their parents have died in a mysterious fire. They are sent to their first caretaker, played by Neil Patrick Harris, who turns out to be a disgruntled actor who is mean to them and trying to steal their fortune. From there, they are sent to live with different caretakers, none of which stick because their first one continuously finds them and causes chaos in his quest to steal their fortune. There is a narrator who is very monotone and adds to the accuracy of the book and the vibe of the series. There is also a side story going on that adds to the story, but leaves you with a ton of questions. The title seriously sums up the series perfectly, it really is a series of unfortunate events. I watch it with my boyfriend and he gets so mad. He is constantly shouting at the screen, clicking his tongue and saying “are you serious??”.

Each book has two episodes dedicated to it and they are pretty spot on although it’s been a while since I read the book so some episodes are a bit foggy to me. Some of the things that happen in the show are pretty ridiculous and frustrating, but it’s not set realistically in our world, if that makes sense. It’s kind of this alternative world where everyone is just kind of oblivious and very over the top. Season two was just released and my boyfriend and I binge watched it and it was perfect and made me want season three even more!!


If I was to be a contestant on a cooking show, it would be Nailed It. Remember when Pinterest recipes were such a big thing and then people started posting pictures of their Pinterest fails, like what they were trying to do vs what they actually created. That’s basically what this show is like. Each episode brings in three contestants who swear they love to bake, but aren’t good at it. There are two rounds where they have to bake and recreate designs and it is hysterical. There were definitely episodes where I laughed so hard, I started crying.

The show is hosted by Nicole Byer who was on MTV’s Girl Code so she is hysterical. Her co-host is a French baker named Jacque Torres and each episode there is a new special guest. Nicole is really funny and gives a lot of personality to the show. This is such an easy and light hearted watch.


Quantico is actually an ABC series and the third season just premiered which is why I wanted to talk about it. Although it’s an ABC series, both seasons are up on Netflix to binge watch. I have been hooked on the show ever since it premiered and I am beyond obsessed with their leading lady Priyanka Chopra. She is the definition of a boss and her character is such a strong female lead.

The first season starts with an explosion at Grand Central Station where Priyanka’s character is found passed out and confused. But, since she is found at the scene of the crime, she becomes suspect number one. The only catch is that the FBI is investigating her, but she is also an FBI agent. So we have to figure out if she is being framed or if she actually committed a crime. Each episode switches back and forth from the current time frame where she is being accused to her time training to become an FBI agent. You get to know everyone she went to school with and everyone that came across her path to figure out if any of them are the guilty parties and are framing her. The show is done in such a great way where it really seems like everyone is guilty. The second season was just as good and I’m so excited season three is back.

Underrated Movies and the Best Netflix Shows to Bing Watch by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Live Laugh Linda


Some of you may already know this, but I am a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fan and fan of drag culture in general. You can actually watch the seasons on Netflix if you are abroad so when I was in Vietnam, I binge watched a ton of them. One of my favorite queens in Bianca Del Rio (real name: Roy Haylock) who won season six. She describes herself as an insult comic which is honestly the type of humor I like so it’s right up my alley. I desperately want to go to one of her live shows, but I am terrified!!

Anyways, she stars in this movie called Hurricane Bianca which actually features other queens as well and a cameo by RuPaul. The story starts with a teacher named Richard, played by Bianca out of drag who is a struggling science teacher. He gets accepted into this teaching program where he gets relocated to a small town in Texas. The students and everyone picks on him especially after they find out that he is gay and he is actually fired for being gay. He meets a friendly woman in town who introduces him to the drag scene and he makes a comeback at the school in drag as Bianca del Rio to get her revenge on the school.

This movie was hilarious, but also featured a really great message of acceptance and I’m such a Bianca fan so she can do no wrong in my eyes. I highly recommend, especially if you are a fan of drag culture. The second movie is coming out soon and I’m super excited.


This was one of those random weekend watches. It was a new release that Netflix was promoting and naturally I forced my boyfriend to watch it. This movie is a total rom-com. I know love stories can be super cliche and predictable, but I swear I didn’t figure this ending out until the very end. It really kept me on my toes.

Basically, this guy meets this girl in college and falls for her, but naturally she friend zones him and doesn’t see him in a romantic way. Fast forward and he is attending her engagement party to another guy. There is an old school photo booth at a bar they frequent and he discovers that it gives him the power to go back in time so he can change the outcome and hopefully end up with the girl. You follow his journey each time he goes back in time and he does often because he never gets the outcome he wants or thinks he’s going to get.

This was such a good watch and like I said I really didn’t predict the ending so I personally was shocked!


This movie is a little more young since it features high school students, but ya know every now and then you just need a little high school throwback or at least I do which then leads me to fall into a spiral of high school themed movies. The movie starts with two best friends, one boy and one girl, who are super close until they start high school. The boy gets pantsed on the first day of school, is embarrassed and his girl friend actually turns her back on him. Fast forward and she is super popular, he’s not and they are no longer friends. The plot thickens and she finds herself betrayed which causes her to rekindle her friendship with her old best friend. It’s their senior year so they enlist the help of a few more students and come up with a plan to ruin the prom for all the people that tormented them during their high school years.

I know, I know, it sounds super juvenile and cliche, but I randomly clicked on it one lazy Sunday and I was actually really into it. Plus, there’s a plot twist at the end that I didn’t see coming. The overall ending felt a little unfinished to me to be honest, but I still really enjoyed this movie. And it made me want to watch more high school movies so I followed it up with a HSM marathon.

Underrated Movies and the Best Netflix Shows to Bing Watch by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Live Laugh Linda


I just watched this with Eddie this last weekend and it was hysterical. Eddie and I like to watch stand up comedy specials on Netflix because we’re always up for a good laugh. We randomly clicked on this one since we were trying to kill time as we waited for my groceries to be delivered and I was actually surprised with how much I laughed. It’s a three part special with two comedians who are married and expecting their first child. The first episode in the series features the wife, the second features the husband and the third features both of them where they even bring couples in the audience up to roast them. It is hysterical and I was really surprised at how funny I found it.


Another comedy special, but this one really stands out to me because it’s not just random jokes here and there, it’s really a story that you follow. Although this is a comedy special, there are moments where you really connect and feel with the comic. Hasan Minhaj tells you about his life and the funny and sad moments and what it’s like growing up as the child of an immigrant and growing up middle eastern. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just done in such a great way where you really follow along with the story and connect with Hasan. He really builds up each story, sets his joke, gets you going and then hits you with a plot twist. You will definitely laugh, feel a little sad at certain points and then finish on a high. Such a good watch!

Underrated Movies and the Best Netflix Shows to Bing Watch by popular New York lifestyle blogger, Live Laugh Linda

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