Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday Friends!

Back with another Friday Favorites roundup. I’ve been really enjoying creating these end of the week, roundup posts. In case you missed it, I had two other posts up this week! Shocker! One where I shared my thoughts on friendship and what exactly that means to me and open up about my past and I share my tips on how to shop on a budget, which is so necessary now that fall items are all over the stores.

Now, let’s get into my Friday Favorites!


Saying Goodbye to Summer Fridays

I can’t be the only one who thinks we would all be much happier and more productive with a four day work week?! I wish Summer Fridays were an all year thing, but sadly they are not. For some reason, it didn’t hit me last week, but the fact that they are gone totally hit me this week! Yesterday, I was already tired and really thought it was Friday so you can imagine my surprise when I realized it wasn’t. I was shook. But, at the end of the day, Fridays are my favorite day of the week and I just love that everyone seems like they’re in a better mood. Plus, I love the feeling of having the entire weekend ahead of me so I’m not too bummed after all!

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York City lifestyle blogger Live Laugh Linda

Smythson Notebook

When I left Teen Vogue, my boss and best friend Kyle gave me the most special gift ever, a little orange Smythson notebook. If you’re not familiar with Smythson, they make amazing and well made leather goods for men and women like bags, notebooks, agendas and stationary. It has been my prized possession since. It’s had a top spot on my desk decor and always there as a special reminder. I never really used it in the past because my handwriting is horrible. Seriously, it looks like a baby trying to write in script so I always wanted to keep it pristine and perfect. But, lately I’ve been coming up with new ideas for my blog, especially when I’m at work or on the train and I wanted to have one place to organize my thoughts that was not my phone. So, I’ve been carrying around this little notebook with me and just jotting down ideas and thoughts I have and I’ve really been finding it so helpful.

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York City lifestyle blogger Live Laugh Linda

My Best Friend Kyle

My bestest friend Kyle’s birthday is tomorrow! We met at Teen Vogue because he was boss and honestly I really credit him as giving me my chance in the magazine world because I had no experience and yet he took a chance on me, took me under his wing and taught me everything. We grew really close over that time and he was and still is an amazing friend to me. He helped me be more open about life and really showed me a new perspective on everything. He’s always been super honest with me which was so hard at first, but I really appreciate his tough love and it showed me the value of honesty. No lie, but back when I only wore head to toe J.Crew and really wanted to dress like everyone else, he legit said to me, my style was basic and he thinks I could do better. Everything changed that day!! I think we are who we are because of the different people that come into our lives and I am who I am and have my sense of humor because of Kyle. I just love him so much and want to wish him a very Happy Birthday!

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York City lifestyle blogger Live Laugh Linda

Zucchini Boats by @Broccyourbody

I found Carissa’s Instagram account a few weeks ago and I was really inspired by her healthy meals. I’m not a Top Iron Chef obviously, but I do enjoy cooking oddly enough. I love healthier recipes especially since I did Whole30 so I was excited to try some of her meals. This zucchini boat recipe really stuck out to me. I didn’t follow the exact recipe this time around to be honest because I had leftover spaghetti meat sauce but I did throw it on top of a zucchini boat and followed the cooking instructions and it was amazing!! Such a great and healthy option. I’m excited to try out the exact recipe and Carissa’s other recipes. If you are looking for new and healthier recipes to try, I definitely recommend checking her out!

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York City lifestyle blogger Live Laugh Linda

Harry Potter Weekend

If you don’t know how much I love Harry Potter, you’re probably new here haha! I never talked about it on my blog, but earlier this summer, I spent an entire Saturday with Eddie and his family when we went to go see the Harry Potter play. It was so good, long, but good and if you can get tickets, I highly recommend. But, I’ve been noticing the USA network having Harry Potter weekend marathons lately and I always try to put it on before my mom or Eddie yell at me and steal the remote back! Jokes on them because I have the DVD collection. I haven’t had an HP weekend in a while so I think I may cuddle up on the couch and unwind from the week with my favorite wizard! Okay, that was tacky, even for me.

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York City lifestyle blogger Live Laugh Linda




Not to brag… but, I had two posts up last week and three full posts up this week!! A round of applause please! I know that may not seem like much or anything at all, but this week I managed to balance a busy week at work and still take time to focus on my blog and to me that’s really important and makes me really happy. I feel like I not only worked on blog posts, but also some behind the scenes things to improve my site so I’m excited to just continue to work to make Live Laugh Linda better and to share with you all what I’m working on.

With that being said, I feel like this week felt super long!! It wasn’t a bad week, but it just kind of dragged on. I got to work on Tuesday and was like damn, it really is only Tuesday??

This weekend, my mom & I are planning to hit the gym then do something, not sure what yet, but maybe head to Chinatown and just wander around. Also, in addition to my Harry Potter weekend, I’m really in the mood to watch some Halloween movies with Eddie. So weird for me to say! Because I love summer and I’ve never really been a fan of Halloween, but this year for some reason, I’m pretty excited for fall and even Halloween!



I’ve really been in the mood to re-organize my desk space/work area. I’ve been wanting to get a new desk and new chair for a while now, but I’m so picky and don’t want to spend a fortune so I haven’t really found anything. But, I do want to update my wall art. If you’re not familiar with what my work area looks like, check out this photo and this photo here! It’s changed a bit, but you get the idea.I haven’t really changed any of the photos since I put them up, but lately I have been itching to switch them out!

Fashion Illustration is probably my favorite art form and one of my favorite artists is Holly Nichols. She has a great collection and they vary from summer, fall, winter and holiday. I came up with this great idea one weekend to get some of her prints, get frames and switch out the prints based on what season it is. So for example, now I would pick up her fall prints, but when November hits, I would switch them out for  holiday prints. I think it could be really cute and help me feel inspired for each season! I’ll be sure to post a photo once I’ve made the change, but in the meantime, check out her Etsy page to see her prints. You can also pick your hair color and skin tone on some of the prints which I think is a great touch!

Check out Holly’s prints here!



I’ve been following Tati for years. She’s really an OG beauty guru and I love that she always keeps it real and honest. Earlier this year, she launched her brand Halo Beauty which feature supplements to help you look beautiful from the inside out. Her first product, focused on hair, nails and skin. She just launched her second product, The Kiwi Seed Booster, which just focuses on skin and I’m really interested to try it! Plus I’m always down to support content creators & influencers.

On another note, I’ve been pushing my mom to use my Essence, which I swear by even though it’s pricey and after just one week, she is sold. She was telling me the other day that she loves it and can see a difference. If you want to learn more about what an essence is, the importance of them and which one I use, check out this post!

Also, Charlotte Tilbury just launched at Sephora! I’ve heard so many amazing things about the brand, but have yet to try anything. The only place that I knew sold them, were department stores with makeup counters, which I find so overwhelming. I feel like they can guilt me into buying anything! So I’m excited to check out her products now at Sephora and try them out.



Watching… Last weekend Eddie & I watched the new Netflix movie, Sierra Burgess is a Loser. I was really excited because I love a rom-com and even though I’m in my 20s I still love a high school film. Plus I’ve been in love with Noah Centineo since he was in Camilla Cabello’s music video and of course To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. I really wanted to like this move and I think I kinda did, but I just didn’t love it. Would I watch it again? Probably not. And I think it got lost in the shadows of the perfection that is To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Listening… I haven’t really listened to any new music this week, but I’ve been really into my podcasts. My Dad Wrote A Porno is back for season 4 and it’s been hilarious so far. I also flew through the 12 episodes of “Gossip” and it is amazing! It’s hard to explain but it’s scripted and features three women in a coffee shop talking about fictional gossip in their fictional town and it includes re-enactments. So good and funny!!

Reading… I finished Playing with Matches by Hannah Orenstein and it was amazing!! Can not recommend it enough. I just started The Ticket by Heather Grace Stewart and so far I’m really liking it. I think Heather is a self published author so the actual physical book seemed different to me at first. IDK why, but it just did and I was on the fence because I’ve read self published books in the past and they really are hit or miss, but so far I’ve been really enjoying this book!


Briony’s site has been one of my favorite reads for the longest time. I love her feminine and classic style and everything she writes is so well thought out. I especially love this post where she shares the importance of those classic, investment pieces and I’m swooning over her classic and feminine outfit. 

I’ve always loved Alicia’s content and how she keeps it honest and real. This post with her mom gave me all the feels!! I really relate to Alicia and this post because I too am an only child and was raised by a single mother who also inspired my love of fashion & style so it was really great seeing her mom make a cameo!

Love this post by Caroline where she shares her go-to colors for fall and how she’s already incorporated them into her wardrobe even though it still feels like summer outside! If you’re looking for good NYC inspiration, Caroline is definitely your girl. I love how she always has the best city backdrops and fresh photos.

You guys know my love for Kathleen. I especially love this post where she opens up about her thoughts on focusing on your path and making peace with something. She’s always so insightful and inspiring. I find it hard to adapt to change just like her and this week my family was hit with a bit of change that at first left my mom and I confused, sad and angry, but this post was a great reminder to keep pushing forward.


  • I don’t know actually haha! Hopefully another full week of three blog posts. I’m going to try to start posting on Instagram again. I know I’m the worst blogger ever because Instagram is such an essential part to a successful business, but it just causes me so much stress that I want to leave it behind!
  • I also will say, I still have a few more Puerto Rico vacation outfit pics to come, but then I will start with the fall content. My friend Elizabeth told me the other day that she needs fall content, but as we all know, I’m always one step behind so it’s coming… just late!

Thank you so much for reading my Friday favorites! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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