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Happy Friday!

Back with another Friday Favorites!


Harry Potter Ambient Mixer 

Oh my gosh, I am freaking out about this and I’m pretty sure it’s not normal. Dana sent me a link to this yesterday afternoon and I’ve been having it playing in the background ever since.

Basically, to explain this in my terms, these are kind of background noise mixes. So if you’re like me and hate a silent room or can not work to music or movies or anything, this will just fill that void so you have some background noise playing. There are different ones like the Gryffindor common room, but my favorite is the Great Hall. It just has like background chatter and glasses clinking and let me tell you, I love it and it helped me focus.

It’s cool because you can adjust certain sounds too so if you want one higher or one lower you can adjust it. Okay, I’ll stop, but it’s cool and there are other sounds available if you’re not an HP fan. Like rain and even Belle’s library so just take a look!

Friday Favorites featured by top US life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Asian American Girl Club

I follow Michelle Lee on Instagram, who is Allure’s Editor in Chief. I love seeing a successful Asian woman and I love beauty so naturally I love hearing about all the skincare and makeup she shares. Her skincare mini fridge is everything and I’m tempted to get one!! I was watching one of her videos and saw her wearing an “Asian American Girl Club” tee and instantly thought “I NEED THAT!!”

So I googled it and discovered AAGC which was founded by actress Ally Maki. AAGC is a clothing company that is meant to empower Asian American women and I am all here for it. In case you guys didn’t know, I am Vietnamese & Puerto Rican and incredibly proud of both of my heritages equally. I just love the message behind this brand and their products are so cute. I ordered the black tee!

Friday Favorites featured by top US life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Photo via Asian American Girl Club Instagram. 

January Nail Polish Picks 

As part of my “more self care in 2019” campaign for myself, I’ve been trying to set aside time to show my nails some love. Nail polish is definitely one of my weaknesses and my collection is far too extensive. But, at times I find myself too lazy and I let my nails get too chipped for far too long or just stick with bare nails. But, there’s just something to be said about a fresh coat of paint on your nails. It makes me feel like a brand new woman and like I have my life together. Plus, the process just calms me. These are the two colors that I have been loving and gravitating to this month: OPI’s Big Apple Red and Essie’s Blanc.

Friday Favorites featured by top US life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda


What’s funny is that I’m currently reading Dumplin’ and the second book to that is Puddin’!

Anyways, I’m nothing if I’m not honest and honestly I’ve just been loving pudding lately. So random, so sue me!! I go through phases where I really like certain things and I want them all the time, especially “throwback” items. Sometimes it’s fruit cups or jell-o and currently it’s pudding. I placed a grocery order last weekend and just added everything to my shopping cart.

Tapioca Pudding. Rice Pudding. Chocolate Pudding. So you can probably find me on the couch this weekend eating pudding. Okay. I’m gonna stop saying pudding now.

Pressed Juicery x Disney 

You guys know I am all for a Disney collab. My work bestie, officially named “best friend Jess” sent me the Instagram photo annoucing this collab and I was beside myself. It comes in two flavors. Dragon Fruit Punch and Pineapple Greens.

Then the next day, she surprised me with the Dragon Fruit Punch! Smart choice, because you guys know I am not fancy or cool enough to drink green, healthy things. I wanted to save it for this weekend so I haven’t tried it yet, but I have high hopes. And how cute is the packaging??

Friday Favorites featured by top US life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda




This week was truly a roller coaster ride for me. I was off my routine at one point, I was super anxious at another, I was definitely sleep deprived, I was overwhelmed and emotional at another point and then everything kind of came full circle.

Man, I’m exhausted from my emotions. It’s just too much!!

Anyways, I was feeling really overwhelmed and really emotional at one point this week. My natural instinct is to just keep it inside and then let it out when I’m alone. Which is obviously not healthy, but here we are. I kept thinking to myself “I wish there was someone I could talk to. I just feel alone.” And in an effort to treat 2019 with positivity and a new energy, I thought to myself, “But, I’m not alone. So many people have told me in the past that if I ever need them, they would be there for me.”

So I decided to open up and talk to a few people in my life about the anxious feelings I’ve been having and honestly it was eye-opening. These fears and anxieties that I made so big in my mind suddenly didn’t seem so big anymore. Suddenly, I didn’t feel alone. I felt like I had people who supported me and understood me and encouraged me and pushed me and honestly, it felt great.



Remember when I said I was doing “No Spend January”? Ugh. I messed up. It started with the Bath & Body Works purchase where I blacked out and ordered throwback summer scents. Which, let the record show, I still have no regrets. But, it’s been downhill from there.

There’s a ton of red & pinks in the stores currently with Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day coming up and I can’t get enough of it. Plus, I’m trying to plan out some fun content surrounded by those two holidays so I may have done a little bit of shopping, which I’m sharing below.

The one random item I did purchase were the jeans. I’m trying to get into different styles of jeans rather than the basic skinny jean. Plus, I’m super short so a cropped or ankle cut depending on the brand works best for me. I’ll keep you posted if this pair works out for me or not. Plus, I haven’t purchased this polka dot dress from Amazon yet, but I’ve been looking for a red polka dot dress for my *still not planned* Disney trip and this one looked perfect! I just wish it was not polyester!



I haven’t purchased new makeup and skincare in a while. I received a few new products for Christmas and I’ve just been trying those out. Plus, my current products are all running out at the same time so I’m due for a big repurchase!!

But lately, my skin has just been feeling and looking blah. I blame this winter weather and the lack of sun I’m getting. And I’m thinking it’s time I start switching up some products to add some life back into my skin. So I’m currently looking for a new moisturizer to try.

Plus, cannabis is currently having a moment in beauty and there are so many oils coming out. I didn’t know anything about the benefits or the reasoning behind it, but I read that it’s amazing for redness and that’s something I struggle with. Not to toot my own horn, but for the most part my skin is pretty clear and balanced, but I really struggle with redness. It’s the reason I feel more comfortable with makeup because my skin just looks more balanced so I’m interested to try some of these oils to see how they work for me.

I’ll report back if I find anything I love!



Watching… I am fully invested in these Fyre Festival documentaries. I’ve only watched the Hulu one so far, but plan on watching the Netflix one this weekend. Eddie begrudgingly watches everything I want, but this one he was actually into. I’m also on season 8 of The Real Housewives of NYC so I’m finally almost caught up! Also… Jimmy Fallon recently did an episode in Puerto Rico and it was amazing. It made me so happy and emotional seeing it. I especially loved the street party with Bad Bunny.

Listening… Have you guys been listening to Jesse McCartney’s new music?! It’s amazing. His new song Wasted is incredible. I’ve also become a huge Ariana Grande fan. Her new song 7 Rings has been on repeat.

Reading... Still reading Dumplin’. I’ve been focused on the blog lately and a little overwhelmed with life so I’ve only been reading at night, but I’m hoping to finish this book next week.


Gabby shared her NYC morning routine and I’m so jealous that she is a natural early riser. Plus I am loving her unofficial everyday uniform.

Sabrina’s photos from her getaway with her guy is beyond perfect. And can we talk about how amazing her video is?

I love planners. In all forms! So I am in love with Dana’s new digital calendar. Plus it’s making me want a new and improved iPad.

I’ve always been a fan of Caitlin, but especially lately, I’ve been loving her content and how she is opening up more about her anxiety and her day to day life. Definitely bookmarking this post about how she fights seasonal depression because I’m for sure in the winter slump.

My skin is feeling and looking blah! Definitely going to use some of Briony’s tips and recommended products to pump some life back into it!


  • Nothing too crazy this weekend. Not that I ever go crazy, you guys know I’m a homebody! I may or may not go to Chinatown with my mom this weekend. Depending if I’m feeling up to it. This week took a lot out of me so we shall see.
  • I have to work on next week’s blog posts so I’ll be enlisting Eddie’s help to help me take some photos. I know it seems small, but I’ve been consistently putting out three posts a week and I’m really proud of myself. And honestly I’ve been proud of the content I’ve put out lately.
  • Eddie and I are going to watch the Netflix Fyre Festival documentary since we already watched the Hulu one. And there’s not really anything I currently want to binge so I’ll probably just get some reading in!

Thank you so much for reading about my Friday favorites and stopping by!

Have a great weekend! 

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