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Happy Friday & Happy first day of February!

Back with another Friday Favorites.


The Complete Book Of Chinese Horoscopes

My mom had this book when I was growing up and I absolutely loved it. It told you what animal you matched up with based on your birth year and every little detail you could possibly want to know based on your animal like who is your best love match and what your personality is probably like. I thought it was so cool.

But, over the years, my mom and I lost the book.

So since the Lunar New Year is coming up, I went on a mission to find this book on Amazon and ordered it immediately when I found it. It’s just so cool and so interesting to read it now as an adult. When I received the package, everyone at my job was so excited and I was reading everyone’s horoscope. I’m the year of the monkey and my mom is the year of the rat so 2020 is actually going to be her year!

Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by top US life and style blogger, Live Laugh Linda; image of Chinese Horoscopes book

A Brand New Month!

January is seriously the longest month of the year and it’s only the first month of the year! But, it is finally February. You guys know I love fresh starts and the first day of a new month just feels like a fresh start.

I’m excited for February because of Valentine’s Day & Lunar New Year and have some really fun content centered around the two holidays.

Last year, I was so great and consistent at blogging in January, but fell off the bandwagon in February and then took a nose dive the rest of the year. But, I want this year to be different so wish me luck on keeping up and staying consistent!!

Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by top US life and style blogger, Live Laugh Linda; Image of Beauty and the Beast Calendar

Sad Girls Club On Instagram 

I recently came across this Instagram account called the Sad Girls Club that promoted mental health and created a community where people could come together to discuss their mental health and to support one another. You guys know I struggle with anxiety and occasional depression and I’m really trying to make mental health my priority and finding this account made me so happy.

So often there are quotes or people in your life that are constantly trying to promote positivity. Saying things like, you are okay, you are happy, everything is great. And while I appreciate that, sometimes you need someone to tell you, it’s okay to not be okay. And I love that this account does just that. And I love the community from it.

They recently posted a photo about taking medication for your problems and how it’s okay and so many people in the comments came forward and said they were taking medicine and how much it has changed their life or their personal story and it’s just such an amazing community.

Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by top US life and style blogger, Live Laugh Linda; Sadgirlsclub instagram page

Huggable Pug 

I recognize that the photo may be creepy, but I love my huggable pug! I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this on the blog before, but this was a “just because” gift from Eddie. Ya know, a just because I love you gift.

He bought me this to help with that time of the month. You can stick this huggable pug in the microwave to heat it up and lay it on your stomach or back during your period to help ease cramps and it’s the best thing ever. You can also freeze it so Eddie also uses this when he gets bad headaches as well.

Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by top US life and style blogger, Live Laugh Linda; image of Huggable Pug

Girl Scout Cookies!

It’s Girl Scout cookies season! I had two coworkers selling cookies on behalf of their nieces so naturally I purchased from both. Hashtag Competition!! This was my first time trying these Peanut Butter Patties. I know, where have I been? And oh my gosh they are amazing. I’m stocking up!!

And in case you couldn’t tell, my period is coming up hence the chocolate craving and the huggable pug.

Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by top US life and style blogger, Live Laugh Linda; image of Girl Scout Cookies



How boring & how old am I that I like to talk about the weather? I’m not even talking, I’m just complaining about the weather!!

But, this week was so cold. I wish I could go into hibernation and stay in my flannel pjs and stay under my warm covers until spring comes. If only we could be so lucky.

Between the weather and the fact that I am PMSing, I’ve been finding it so hard to motivate myself this week. My energy is very low. But, I have some fun plans this weekend and actually leaving my house so hopefully it warms up a little bit and I get my energy and motivation back!


I haven’t shopped much this week, but I wanted to give you guys an update on the pieces I shared in last week’s Friday Favorites.

These jeans didn’t work out for me at all. I ordered my normal size, but they fit like they were two sizes too big so I just ended up returning them.

And this dress, I wanted to love so much, but it was just too big and not as flattering as I thought. It’s not as bad with a belt, but I’m just going to return this as well.


Although it’s freezing outside and we are in the dead of winter, I am looking forward and daydreaming about sun and warmer weather. So I’m really trying to find the best sunscreen to incorporate into my everyday skincare routine.

The most important skincare tip is to use sunscreen because the sun is so damaging to your skin. But, sunscreen itself is typically heavy and oily and greasy and normally I don’t want anything to do with it or want it near my face. But, I know that they have come out with a lot of amazing face sunscreens so I’ve rounded up a few that I am currently eyeing.

P.S – I’ve changed my nighttime routine a bit and I’ve just been using this serum, this serum and finishing off with this oil to try to add some life back into my dull winter skin.



Watching… The Real Housewives of NYC season 8. Other than that, there is nothing on Netflix or Hulu that is calling my name. If we’re being honest, I really just want to re-watch You!!

Listening… Maybe because I’ve been reading Dumplin’, but I’ve been on a Dolly Parton kick recently. 9 to 5 and Two Doors Down are two songs I’ve had on repeat this week.

Reading… I finally finished Dumplin’ and it was amazing and gave me all the feels. I just started Big Sexy Love by Kirsty Greenwood and so far it is amazing and I am loving it.


  • I am venturing out of the house this weekend! Yes, you read that right. I am in fact getting dressed and leaving the house. I’m spending Saturday with my friend Liz and we are shooting some fun Valentine’s Day content which will be up on the blog later this month. I’m so excited  because we have been talking about this and planning it for forever now and I’m so excited to do it and see the final product.
  • Other than that, I plan to work on my blog this weekend so I can finally stop feeling behind! And play video games with Eddie. I’m really into Mario Kat at the moment!!

That’s all from me this week! 

Thank you so much for reading and stopping by. 

I hope you have an amazing weekend & stay warm wherever you are! 

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