Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday Friends!

It’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R since I hit publish on a Friday Favorites post, which is a shame because they are my favorite to work on. I came up with this whole idea centered around Summer Fridays to share my favorites and look at that, I just blew it by not posting more. So I decided to extend the Friday Favorites series and make it a permanent feature here on LLL.


To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

I technically could have put this under the “Currently Watching” section, but since I watch this move at least once a week, I figured it should have its own spotlight. If you have not watched this move yet, you need to. It is just so pure and innocent and amazing and you’ll be smiling all through it. It’s definitely a feel good rom-com and I can’t get enough.

The leading man is so charming and handsome! And the leading lady is gorgeous. Fun Fact, she is actually Vietnamese and was adopted as a baby and she was born in the same town that my mom and family are from!

Also, this movie was released on Netflix on August 17, the same day as Crazy Rich Asians. Twas a good day for Asians! It’s really cool because the leading character is Korean American and it’s just nice seeing that representation in a traditional rom-com.

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda


If you think that I started drinking Yakult because Lara Jean Covey in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before drank yakult, then you would be absolutely correct.

I actually have a really sensitive stomach. It’s gotten worse over the past two years and it gives me a lot of anxiety to be honest. I just never know how something is going to affect me so I’ve been wanting to start taking a probiotic. There are so many options out there that I got overwhelmed and just didn’t purchase anything. But, as I was shopping at a local Asian grocery store (but the Korean grocery story is all the way on the other side of town – who gets the reference??), I saw they had Yakult which is a probiotic drink and one a day is supposed to help so I decided to try it out.

I’ve been loving it so far! It tastes like a melted PinkBerry Froyo and I’m excited to see if it actually does me any good.

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Playing with Matches by Hannah Orenstein

Again, I technically could have put this under the “Currently Reading” section, but I have been living for this book this past week and wanted to shout it out.

I have an upcoming Read & Review post where I will review my recent reads and honestly I’ve had back to back flops so I was desperate for a good book and this one did not disappoint. I have been glued to it since starting it last weekend and I may or may not have given up some sleep this week to keep reading.

It’s based in New York and about this girl who recently graduated from NYU and is starting a job as a matchmaker. The author was actually a matchmaker and graduated from NYU so the story just feels really authentic and I love her depiction of NYC. I find that books based in NYC are pretty hit and miss, but Hannah’s description of New York just seems so accurate and right.

I recently found an article on NYC matchmakers and I became engrossed in the article!! The money they make is insane and I’m just so fascinated. Here’s the article I stumbled upon!¬†

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Case App Custom Phone Cases

I love a good personalized piece. Give me a blank canvas and I will slap an initial, monogram, logo, slogan, whatever on it. I had worked with Case App in the past and created a custom case for myself and one as a gift for my mom. You can see that design & post here. But, I recently upgraded my phone to the iPhone 8plus so the team at Case App was generous enough to work with me again.

I really love them because they have their own templates and designs if you prefer or you can totally just create the cover of your dreams. I always like adding a photo that I love, adding some color and you can even add a quote or emoji that they provide. The iPhone cases are only $34 which I think is great because most cases in the market already are in that price range, but this one you can at least customize!

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda

Kenny & PetPlate

Take note, because this is the only time I will admit this! The love of my life. My little prince. My little Ken Ken is in fact overweight. He is in fact a chihuahua that is approaching 10 lbs.

The little baby just likes to eat and we’ve always had a hard time getting him to eat dog food so we feel bad and end up feeding him people food. Earlier this summer, he had an issue with his back leg and the vet said he had a minor case of arthritis. So we’ve had to put him on a diet and an exercise program. It has been a journey honey! But, we’ve made really great strides and I’m really proud of my little mush. He’s walking twice a day now and eating dog food!

When PetPlate reached out to me and offered to send some meals for Kenny, I was really excited, but nervous. I liked that they had fresh ingredients and when you looked at the food you could identify what was in it rather than a big pile of mush. I know how picky Kenny is so I was nervous, but he actually was curious and excited and slowly took to it. I’m telling you, I’ve never seen this dog eat dog food so I was so happy I could cry. He has his days where he’s more difficult, but with some patience, he’s on a really great track!

Week In Review :: A Friday Favorites Weekly Roundup featured by popular New York life and style blogger Live Laugh Linda



Because there is nothing better than a shortened week. I fully petition to have the normal work week be Tuesday through Friday because not having a Monday is wonderful.

Work has been crazy busy which is why it’s been slow here on my blog because I’ve been focusing on my corporate career, but this week was a bit slower so I had time to breathe and catch up on some things I kept putting off. With that being said, my Friday is supposed to be crazy so I’ll probably be singing a different tune, but as of right now I’m feeling pretty positive.

On another note, I had a bit of a stomach bug Wednesday night, which is so annoying because I had a stomach bug last week. It’s making me want to go back on Whole30 and back on eating clean and healthy meals because my body can not handle certain foods like it used to. Ah. Aging. It’s so fun.

I’m hoping this weekend will be a productive one. Eddie just got some new game update thing so he has been glued to his playstation all week. And let me tell you, I have been quite the amazing and understanding girlfriend by letting him play his game unbothered. So he’ll most likely be glued to the tv on Saturday while I’ll be cuddling with Kenny and getting some work done.


I haven’t really shopped in a while with the exception of some beauty goodies. I’ve just been re-wearing my vacation clothes for work so I haven’t really been in the market for anything new.

Besides, I have such clear travel and vacation plans for next year so I’m trying to save money. But, man all the new fall arrivals are making it oh so hard. I’ve rounded up a few things I’m currently eyeing from some of my favorite retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Madewell and J.Crew.



I know I sound like a broken record, but I have really been into skincare. Last year I tried some products that changed my skin drastically and changed my relationship with skincare. I have oily skin so I’ve always been prone to breakouts. Growing up, I even had prescription acne cream. You can imagine how fun that was. But, even when I got into makeup, I was never interested in skincare. I never saw a big difference so washing my face was just washing my face. But, once I tried new products and saw a difference, skincare has become such a priority for me. It doesn’t matter how much makeup you put on, if you don’t have a good base, it’s not going to look good. Anyways, I went through that whole spiel to share some new products I’m interested in and was going to link my current skincare routine, but I realized I don’t have an updated post on my routine!! So in the meantime I’ve rounded up my current favorite products and will work on an updated routine soon!

Shop my current skincare routine

As for new products, Summer Fridays just released a new mask and it looks so good. I have yet to try the brand, but it’s on my list. Also Foreo just released a new high tech product that syncs with your phone and provides a smart mask treatment. I’m not 100% sure what it is or what it does but I am so intrigued to try it. And lastly for skincare, Boscia just released a new face spray and they can do no wrong in my eyes so I definitely want to check it out.

As for makeup, Bite Beauty, one of my favorite lip color brands has been coming out with limited edition shades for the astrology signs. I’m loving the Virgo color this month. I’ve also been on the hunt for a new foundation. Beauty Blender recently released foundation for the first time. They had a bit of controversy because of the color range and the lack of options for those with darker skin tones. I’ve watched a few reviews and people are saying it’s amazing, which is unfortunate because of their poor color range so not everyone can enjoy it. So I want to try it out for myself and I hope they come out with a wider range of shades soon. I’ve also had my eye on the Too Faced foundation because I love the peach theme and the packaging. And the YSL foundation because I’ve heard great things. I’ll keep you updated on what I choose!

Shop my beauty wishlist



Watching…¬† Pretty much just been watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to be honest. It’s just so good I can watch it again and again. I’ve also been really into watching Disney vlogs. It’s seriously become my Sunday routine. I wake up and look up videos of people going to Disney. I invest HOURS into this. My favorite Disney video and couple are Jade & Matt. They’re so charming and sweet!

Listening… You’ll never guess what I’ve been listening to!! So I used to be able to catch up with my shows as I worked on my blog, but then I found that to be distracting. So I started listening to music and oddly enough that became distracting too. I can’t even focus if the tv is on or if someone is talking so I started listening to instrumental music and I’ve been loving it!! It’s totally helped me to stay focus. I especially love the Astrid melody from the Crazy Rich Asians soundtrack, anything Frank Sinatra to be honest and I found a one hour melody of Harry Potter music.

Reading… I’m finishing up Playing with Matches and I’m so sad because I seriously loved it. But, I also picked up two more books to read once I finish that. I picked up The Ticket and California Summer. I’ll be sure to include my thoughts in the next Read & Review.


This section is somewhat new. I had it in the past, but I just recounted my previous posts, but I want to start shouting out some blogger babes and sharing a few of my favorite reads of the week.

I love this post & look that Rach styled wearing white after Labor Day because honestly who cares about the fashion rules? Rach is the sweetest and although we’ve never met, I really consider her a friend!

Kathleen is probably my all time favorite blogger. I love this post she wrote about layering necklaces. I’ve always been into the cool girl trend, but end up a hot mess when I try to layer my necklaces so I love her tips!

Dana recently wrote a post about standing out as an influencer and I really love her insight on this. In case you didn’t know, Dana and I actually have history since we went to college together and were even roommates for a year.

Tara is truly my spirit gal. Her blog name is Tara Milk Tea, which is obviously an ode to milk bubble tea, which is my life. She focuses on travel content and she recently visited Singapore for the CRA premiere (goals) and even hit up the spots that Crazy Rich Asians filmed at so I totally fell in love with this post.

Caitlin is one of my main sources for style inspo and I love her relationship with her mom since I’m so close with my mom. Her 90s throwback outfit gave me all the feels!


  • I know everyone is in a fall state of mind, but to be honest, I still have a handful of outfit photos from Puerto Rico so I’ll be continuing to post summer outfits coming up. Besides it’s still like 90 degrees in NYC and just looking at fall outfits has me breaking out into a sweat.

That’s all from me today! It was so nice catching up and I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for stopping by!

And hope you all have an amazing and relaxing weekend. I plan to treat myself with a stack of pancakes and I think you should to!

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