A Weighted Blanket and Anxiety-Does it Really Help? Here Are My Thoughts!

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend. This weekend my mom and I finished packing for our upcoming trip. We just have a few little knick knacks that we have to pack on Friday, but other than that we are as ready as we’ll ever be. I also was so exhausted from work last week that I slept so hard this weekend. Like one of those sleeps where you wake up and don’t know who you are, where you are and what year it is. It was wonderful.

And speaking of sleeping/napping/relaxing, today we are chatting about a weighted blanket and anxiety.

A Weighted Blanket and Anxiety-Does it Really Help? Here Are My Thoughts! by popular New York life and style blog, Live Laugh Linda: image of a woman using a Target Mickey Mouse & Friends 5lbs Minnie Mouse Weighted Blanket.

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A Weighted Blanket and Anxiety

As someone who is alway anxious and always looking for that one magical thing to help cure me, I’m sure you can see why I’ve been wanting a weighted blanket for a while now. So I was thrilled when Eddie gifted me one for my birthday. Bonus points that its Disney themed with Mickey & Minnie on it. Does the description say it’s for kids? Yes. Do I care? No.

Mine is only 5lbs and I know some of them can go up to 25lbs, but I wanted to start small.

In case you’re not familiar with a weighted blanket, it is said to have a ton of benefits to help relieve stress, anxiety, even insomnia and restless leg syndrome by helping you feel grounded and relax. Honestly my 9lb chihuahua likes to jump on my pillow in the morning and lay his little body across my neck and chest and that always calms me so I really bought into this.

My first thought when I opened my blanket was “wow 5lbs feels pretty heavy.” Even my mom mentioned that it felt pretty heavy when she was straightening the couch so even though its only 5lbs, it has some weight to it!

After having this for about a month, I have to say when my mind wanders and I feel anxious, it helps ground me and makes me take a deep breath and focus on one thing. Honestly, I’ve been throwing this over me when I work on the blog to help me really stay focused.

I also think it’s become a mental thing because when I am feeling stressed, especially at work, I look forward to coming home at the end of the day and throwing this over me to slow me down and help clear my mind. And while I don’t struggle from restless leg syndrome, I can definitely see how it helps because you’re less likely to keep moving and kicking when you have some weight on you.

It’s hard to explain and put into words unless you try it and I’m pretty sure it’s a big mental game but I really do feel like a weighted blanket helps me feel grounded, makes me take a minute to take a breath and focus on the moment. There are many Friday nights where I put this over me, cuddle with Eddie, put on a movie and just pass out. It’s extra amazing when it rains because I am at peak calm and never want to move.

While mine is only 5lbs, I don’t think I want to go heavier than that. One of my biggest anxiety triggers is feeling trapped and I think anything heavier will have an opposite effect on me so I’m content with my 5lbs.

Is this my magical cure all for when I’m anxious? Obviously no since that pretty much doesn’t exist, but I have to say, it definitely does help. Anxiety is a big mental game and I think a weighted blanket is another mental game to help fight it.

That’s all from me today! Thank you so much for stopping by & reading. 

Have a great rest of the week! 

What do you think about pairing a weighted blanket and anxiety together?  Let me know in a comment below!


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