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It’s Sunday…which means the time to rest & relax is over and the hot mess express resumes because Teen Vogue is officially moving in to One World Trade Center. I’m actually really excited to see the gorgeous views and the new office…and not so excited to see all of the movers again, for the manual labor to resume, the crazy, stressful running around and the fact that everyone will be on edge again. But, hey, it’s a short week and Thanksgiving is this week, which is my favorite day of the year (besides my birthday and Christmas)!!
And speaking of my favorite things…if you haven’t caught on already, I am obsessed with handbags. I most likely will not splurge on clothes and very, very rarely splurge on shoes, but I would sell an arm and a leg for a good bag. But, seriously I have always been in love with bags since I was little. It all started with a pink Dooney & Burke purse and I remember walking around like I was the hottest thing because I had my first designer handbag. I’m incredibly blessed that my mom has gifted me with gorgeous bags to mark big occasions and embarrassingly enough I remember when I welcomed each bag into my collection. I received the LV speedy for my sixteenth birthday, a monogram LV neverfull for my eighteenth birthday, a Celine for my 21st birthday and the Queen of all bags… a Chanel for my college graduation.  
Since I love a good splurge handbag, my mom and I always take care to do a lot of research before buying a bag, whether that be on the style, the brand or even reviews, some kind of research is always involved. Which is why I was so happy to discover Rue La La’s Handbag Style Guide. If you’re not a handbag girl like I am, this guide breaks down the different styles and what occasion they are good for as well as how to tell if a bag is real or not, which is great if you’re a vintage shopper. They also discuss what to look for in a splurge handbag and how to care for it…seriously it’s an amazing guide.This guide has even inspired me to share what I carry in my handbag on a day to day basis!
If I’m carrying a big bag, I always have my makeup bag nearby. I’m not even kidding when I say I always have a plethora of lip products with me, including my favorite Christian Dior lip balm and the cutest mini Vaseline, especially since the weather has gotten colder and my lips get super chapped. Plus I always have one to many lipsticks with me. My current favorite is Bobbi Brown! Since I have naturally oily skin, I carry a balm with me to help my skin stay matte as well as my new favorite highlighter if I need a touch up throughout the day. And…I’m not even lying when I say I’m obsessed with nail polish. So much so that I always carry the current polish I’m using just in case I need a nail touch up.

I’ve gotten tons of questions & compliments about my Mansur Gavriel bucket bag and I can honestly say it’s one of the best bags I’ve ever purchased and it means a lot to me too because I was able to pay for it myself. This bag seriously fits everything and more and since I’m the type of person who carries everything for those “what if” moments it’s the perfect accessory. Ever since starting a blog, I always make sure to carry some sort of notebook with me because you never really know when inspiration will strike. I carry my hourly planner with me that I use for work and to keep track of my daily schedule. I also carry around my planner from Brittany Fuson that I can’t wait to use as well as my Teen Vogue notepad. 
I almost always have my iPad with me so I can read my favorite blogs, books or online shop before work. And of course the basics: wallet, key pouch, keys and sunglasses…..and since you never know when hunger will strike I try to keep a snack on hand. I’m currently obsessed with Starbursts. 

I don’t have many wild nights out, but I fell in love with the simplicity of a clutch over the summer. I love using a clutch for those easy summer days (which I’m missing right about now) or for a night out on the town. When using a clutch I seriously carry the bare essentials…lipstick, mirror, keys, phone and key pouch. Pretty much the things I can’t live without. 
See below for product details and make sure to check out Rue La La’s Handbag Style Guide & let me know what kind of bag works best for you or even your favorite type of bag or designer!

Makeup Bag: Tory Burch. Lipstick: Revlon Pink Truffle. Revlon Peach Parfait. YSL 18. Bobbi Brown Red Carpet. Lip Liner Sangria. Lip Balm: Christian Dior. Vaseline. Nail Polish: Deborah Lippman. Beauty Balm: Benefit. Mascara: Benefit. Eyelash Curler: Sephora. Highlighter: Benefit. Mirror: MAC
Bag: Mansur Gavriel. Planner: Brittany Fuson. Sunglasses: Ray-Ban. Wallet: Louis Vuitton. Key Pouch: Louis Vuitton. iPad Case: Kate Spade (similar). 
Clutch: J.Crew. Mirror: Benefit. 
Thank you so much for reading L.A Style, N.Y Smile! 

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  1. November 23, 2014 / 10:45 PM

    Hello beautiful Linda! Enjoy your Sunday today, resting and relaxing and doing what you love the most. I am actually on my way back from Utah, flying and connected to gogo wifi:-) The most wonderful thing when you have a long flight and need to work on you blog:-) Thanks for this wonderful post. For some reason I love knowing what others carry in their bags! Weird right? LOL. I also love bags and I am glad you share the Rue La La hang bag style guide. I wish I knew better back then when I decided to splurge on a few bags. 8 years ago I earned a huge bonus so I decided to go shopping for nice bags. I splurged on an oversized leather Fendi bag (Spider bag) that I only got to wear a few times. I still have it but not sure if I would wear it again…. not a style I am crazy about and not sure how to sell it either. Is it consider vintage??? I also bought a couple Gucci monogram bags, a Gucci clutch (that one I love and wear a lot), but the one that I regret the most buying is the Fendi one (most expensive one). I wish I would had bought a Chanel bag instead….. those bag are timeless and the style so classic… I am now ready to invest in one… but not sure which one…. I am thinking about the Boy one…. what do you suggest ???? Also, thanks for the message you left on my blog and all I want to tell you Linda is to NOT let anyone take your peace and dreams away. I get the same a lot and the way I look at it is by recognizing that those type of people are a reflection of who they are inside. They are hurting so much inside and the only way they can make themselves feel better is by draining other people's energy. They live in survival mode and you my friend, you are thriving!!!. You are blessed to have so many loving people in your life especially a very supportive and amazing mom who loves you dearly and unconditionally. You also have a very promising career that will flourish into something amazing and some people can't accept the fact that you have all that because they want it for themselves. Unfortunately they don't realize they also have it. They typically look in the wrong places (material stuff, social status, etc.). They are also lacking of self love and appreciation. Why I say that??? Because when you love yourself you radiate love not negativity. When you love yourself you want to lift up others, not bring them down. And most importantly, when we love ourselves we become happy, loving and accepting individuals and all we want to do is to celebrate the gift of life and everyone else's around us. My suggestion to you is to always bring love to negativity, meaning that don't let others negativity towards you change who you are .I simply bless those people and send them my love because they need it and what we give to others we get back in return and most importantly because they are in my life for a reason. They are in my life to make me stronger and I am thankful for that. Now, if we let their negativity makes us mad or angry then that is when we become weak and poor at heart. Knowing who I am and where I come from is what have helped me stay strong and moving forward. We are all connected and we are love at core and there is nothing but NOTHING we can't do. So you keep going my dear friend and never but NEVER give up! You are doing amazing and I am super happy for you:-) Blessings to you always and I am always here for you. xoxo, Jeannette

  2. Stacie Seidman
    November 25, 2014 / 2:25 PM

    I love bags too! But also shoes, and belts…. I might be a hoarder. My go to favorite splurge is Gucci. I think it's the equine motifs that get me 🙂 For me it all started with my first Coach bag from my mom. A little hunter green cross body. I still have it!
    I'm thinking one weekend this winter of doing a handbag post with my collection. We should link up! I have a mix of high end, lower end, and absolute cheap-but-cute. I also have a ton I should sell. (Hoarder)
    Have a great Thanksgiving!

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