Why It’s Important To Establish Your Wardrobe Essentials

Hello Hello! Today we’re talking about my favorite thing, wardrobe essentials. If you’ve been following me for a while or even if you’re new, you can see from today’s outfit that I love a good basic. I’m a sucker for a white top of any kind and as my style has evolved I’ve gravitated more towards a white, black, navy color scheme in my everyday wardrobe. But, that’s just me. Some people have a different idea of a basic that can range from a leopard dress to a bright pink sweater and that’s okay! It’s taken me a long time to figure out and be happy with my personal style. A lot of trial and error for sure. But, I think the key to figuring out your own personal style is figuring out your basics. So today, we’re talking about why it’s important to establish your wardrobe essentials.

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Having A Go-To Look

I know I’m not the only one that dreads the sound of the alarm in the morning. Or spent a little too much time getting ready that you’re running late to work. And with the change of the seasons, waking up and already being cold so you just want to crawl back under the comforter. I’m such a lazy dresser for work. That doesn’t mean that I’m a slob or inappropriate for work. It just means I like being comfortable and having pieces to throw on. Whether you’re always running late for work or for class or just feel like nothing in your wardrobe is working, it’s so important to have a go-to look. For me, it’s this one in today’s post. I always wear black jeans, they are slimming and my favorite. This cami I picked up from Nordstrom and didn’t think I would get so much use out of it, but I’ve been wearing it nonstop. The button down is a new find for me, it’s actually a men’s top that I’ve been throwing over everything and I really like the look. And my recent obsession, mules, seriously make any outfit look amazing.

Pair It With Trendy Pieces

Every season, there’s a new trend or a new “hot item.” Whether that be a suede moto jacket, a leather skirt, a leopard cardigan, wide leg pants or a metallic skirt, it’s important to have a go-to basic piece to pair it with. There’s nothing worse than wearing all your trends at once, it’s just too much! I think they key to incorporating the trendier pieces into your wardrobe is knowing how to style them. And I think the best styling pieces are your tried and true essentials. A cozy sweater, a go-to button down or a great pair of jeans. It helps tie your look together and helps make it look effortless rather than a trend overkill.

Make Your Wardrobe Look Brand New

I don’t shop as frequently as you may think. Ain’t nobody got money for all that. Girl got bills to pay! A lot of bloggers get a bad rap for wearing something once for the sake of a photo. I wish I had that luxury! Unfortunately, I don’t have that budget so I’m constantly trying to create new looks with my wardrobe. Take this cami for example, so far I’ve worn it with a black sweater blazer and now with an oversized white button down. And this button down, as much as I love it with this cami, I’ve also paired it with crop tops, different tees and jeans and even with dresses. Once you’ve established your essential wardrobe and your go-to pieces, you’ll be able to style it in different ways to create new looks.

It’s Timeless

Unless you’re a Real Housewife or Paris Hilton, chances are you don’t get rid of the old and bring in a whole new wardrobe every season. But, the reality is, things go out of style, you get tired and outgrow something and that’s okay. But, it’s not realistic  for you just get rid of everything. There have been dresses and jackets that I have sworn by and pledged my love to, only to not want anything to do with it the following season. But, there have been white tees that I have purchased for like $9 that I still cherish to this day. As much as I love a good deal on a tee, I truly believe in investing in classic pieces that will always be timeless and saving on trendier pieces that you will definitely be over after one season.

Thank you so much for reading! After a great week, I’m dragging myself back to work. Would love to hear your thoughts, are you more of a basics kind of gal or a trendier one? Let me know! 


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