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Happy Friday!

Instead of a typical Friday Favorites, I thought it would be fun instead to take a look back at my 2019 and share all of my favorites of the year. I compiled this super random list of everything from my favorite beauty product to my favorite outfit that I posted on the blog to my favorite YouTuber. Let me tell you, when I sat down to write this, I drew a major blank as if I didn’t remember anything from this year!


Favorite Outfit – The red dress I wore in Puerto Rico from this post! 

Favorite Purchase – I kept going back and forth on this one. At first I thought it was the blazer & jeans from this post since I wear them so often, but I think my Gucci bag takes the cake. It was the first designer bag that I bought by myself and it’s just a very proud moment for me.

~Full Outfit Post Here~

Favorite Trend – Wide Leg Pants! Give me all the wide legs!! I work on the Women’s Bottoms team at Gap and one of the big trends when I started was wide leg pants and I was definitely influenced and went on a major shopping spree for them. They were all I wore this Spring/Summer. American Eagle made some of my favorite since their petite size hit me perfectly!


Favorite Beauty ProductJeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lip! What can I say? I’m obsessed with Jeffree Star’s liquid lip formula and it’s the number one thing I reach for. My go to colors are Calabasas and Redrum. I’m wearing Redrum in this photo!

Favorite Skincare ProductTatcha The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder. I went on a bit of a Tatcha kick this summer and honestly was not disappointed. This product is by far my favorite. It’s a powder, that when mixed with water, foams up and let me tell you it is the best and most gentle exfoliator.


Favorite Instagram Post – I didn’t post much on Instagram this year, but this is probably my favorite photo I did post. Again with the red dress, but I just loved everything about it. It just made me feel so good and gave me confidence.

Favorite Instagram Account To Follow – Hands down @SaraCovey. I struggle with Instagram because it just seems like everyone is copying and doing the same thing and it gets exhausting. I love Sara because I think she is so original and creative with her ideas and her photos are incredible. I love when she curates her feed to have a color story or when she does a different photo series like the fruit series or the decades series. I think she’s so creative and genuine and she’s definitely been my favorite account this year.

Favorite Blog To ReadSouthern Curls & Pearls. Caitlin was one of the first bloggers I started following. I’ve been following her for years so she is my forever favorite, but I especially loved her content this year. I loved that she opened up more and shared more personal experiences and I think her content just keeps getting better and better. She’s also someone I find to be so original and creative.

Favorite YouTuber Remi Cruz or as she is known on YouTube, Miss Remi Ashten! I started listening to her podcast with Alisha Marie last year and got into her videos this year and she has quickly become one of my favorites. Between her main channel and vlog channel I think she is so fun to watch.

Favorite Podcast – My Dad Wrote A Porno. This was my first ever podcast I listened to and one I still love to this day. They just wrapped up season 5 and it is still as funny as the day they started. Eddie & I went to a live show last year and had so much fun so I got tickets for next year’s show already.


Favorite Movie – I had such a hard time deciding between Frozen 2 and Avengers Endgame, but I’m gonna have to go with Endgame. Eddie and I were so nervous that social media would spoil this for us when it came out so we steered clear of everything and had to go see the movie ASAP. I laughed, I cried, I screamed then I cried some more.

Favorite T.V Show – Ugh another one that I had a hard time deciding. I’m in between You and Dollface. But, I think You takes the cake. I know it wasn’t released this year, but Eddie and I binge watched it this year so I’m counting it as a 2019 favorite. I read both books and I am so excited that season 2 comes out December 26th. No one bother me when it does!!!

Favorite Album – LOVER!! LOVER!! LOVER!! Taylor Swift released the best album this year. This is not up for debate, sorry. My faves include Cruel Summer, The Man, Lover, London Boy and everything else on the album.

Favorite Song – Sucker by the Jonas Brothers. The year is 2010 and the Jonas Brothers are at the height of their career apparently.

Favorite Artist – Taking Taylor Swift out of the running because no one beats her, my fave artist was HRVY. I find all of his songs so catchy and he’s such a good performer. He dances like a 90s pop star! My fave songs are Million Ways & I Told You So.


Favorite BookThe Bride Test by Helen Hoang. I adored this book so much. As someone who is half Vietnamese I was so happy to find a rom-com with Vietnamese influences. I smiled, I laughed and I cried and I especially loved the author’s story. I found her so relatable. I’m just in love with this book and can’t wait to read more of her work.

Favorite Book Series – American Royals by Katherine McGee! Such an amazing book and I am literally so upset/sad/frustrated that I have to wait till next September to get my hands on the second one!!

Favorite Author – I read two Helena Hunting books this year and both were PERFECTION. I want to read all of her work, but she is probably my favorite author of the year.


Favorite Personal Moment – Okay, there was NO WAY I could have narrowed down to ONE personal moment. A year is a long time so here are some of my highlights.

  1. Having the courage to leave the comfort of my old job to start a new one in a different part of the fashion industry.
  2. Buying a new couch!! I love my couch, like LOVE, but I’m also proud that I’m in a position to take care of my mom and I and buy new things for the apartment.
  3. That one glorious week between my old job and new job where I was free and had no responsibilities. Eddie & I started the Marvel series during that week. He had obviously seen them all so he was just coming along the journey with me, but as silly as it sounds, it was just such a fun week and now I’m a Marvel lover… and a Chris Evans lover. Have you seen that man? He is a gift from God.
  4. The launch of Disney Plus. Never leaving my house.
  5. Having dinner with my best friend Kyle. I just love him so much and I love when we get together. The last dinner we had was so much fun, but also so nice to just sit and talk and catch up and he builds me up like no other.
  6. There was one week at work where I had a project to work on that was seriously stressing me out, not to mention it was my first presentation. I finished and presented the day before my vacation and it went so well and my boss & friend Liz was so sweet and supportive to me afterwards.  It was just such a great feeling to finally be done with something I had been stressing over, to have done a good job, to have such a great support system and to have had a vacation to look forward to!
  7. Puerto Rico 2019. Duh.

Favorite Blog Post I Shared – Definitely my birthday post: 27 Things I’m Proud of At 27. This year was a big personal growth year for me and I’m just really proud of that and of that post.

Favorite Food or Recipe – Okay, believe it or not, but this year was the first time I ever tried… a Ceasar salad. I know. I know. But, healthy food/vegetables don’t come naturally to me and anything that has a white sauce or that is white just freaks me out. But, I tried it for the first time at my cousin’s wedding and oh my god it was amazing. Now it’s the only thing I ever want to eat.


Biggest Change of 2019: The obvious, yes I started a new job. I know you’re probably tired of hearing it especially since I started in March, but I still feel brand new. But, more than that, I think 2019 was a big year of personal growth for me. I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned and done things I never thought I could and I was really thrown out of my comfort zone. I’m still growing and learning, but when I think about where I was a year ago compared to today, I’m just really proud of myself.

A Hope or Goal for 2020: To go to Disney World. Jk. But, not really. Mom, please, if you’re reading this, LET’S GO TO DISNEY WORLD!! But seriously, my biggest goal for 2020 and just for life in general is to be happy. Spend time with my mom & Eddie & Kenny, visit my family in Vietnam, bond with my cousin while in Vietnam, work hard at work, continue blogging and just overall do things that make me happy. My mental health has been all over the place these past few years, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and I just want to be happy.

Thank you so much for stopping by & reading!

I’ll be back on Monday with my last post for 2019, but until then have a great weekend! 


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